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Garden accessories ⋅ compliment your garden design ⋅ exeter


Add an outdoor fireplace ⋅ garden design exeter ⋅ exmouth


Why not add some accessories to your garden design and landscaping, Exeter.


Accessories  ⋅  Chimneys ⋅ firepits ⋅ woodsheds ⋅ seating ⋅ sunken hot tubs ⋅ pizza ovens



Great for adding some interest to any garden design project.  Why not add a practical focal point to your garden design project.  Heres are some of our top ideas for garden design accessories, Exeter.



Many accessories are practical: BBQs, fire pits and chimineas. Other accessories can be aesthetic: sculptures and lighting for example.  Most accessories are a matter of personal taste.  Try to complement your garden design and fit in with your garden’s layout.  Maximising your gardens usable space.



Turn up the heat! ⋅ chimineas ⋅ outdoor fireplaces ⋅ fire pits


Outdoor fireplace ⋅ garden design exeter ⋅ exmouth


Why not extend the party into the night.  Add some heat to your garden design.  A simple fire dish will easily add some heat to those cool evenings.  opt for a corten steel dish for maximum style.


Chimineas offer good value.  They are available in fired ceramic or iron.  Chimineas are great as the chimney can direct the smoke away from friends and family.  Smoke eye can be a problem on a windy night when using a fire pit.  Chimineas are designed mainly for wood.  As coal can in some cases causes them to crack.


Add a fire pit to your garden design project


Firepit ⋅  box hedging ⋅ garden design ⋅  exmouth ⋅  exeter


Why not go the whole hog and opt for a fireplace and chimney.  Fireplaces will add some theatre to any late-night party.  And are great focal points during daylight? Chimneys can be constructed easily from block word.  And easily clad with render or stone cladding.


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Create a covered wood store ⋅ add a putting green


Create a wood store ⋅  add a putting green c garden design ⋅ exeter ⋅ exmouth


Create a covered wood store for your garden design and landscaping, Exeter. Roofing options include timber shingles, slate, or tiles.   The stacked timber looks great.  A useful addition to your fire pit or log burner. Why not add an artificial putting green to your design. Great entertainment for family and friends.


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Create a seating area ⋅ size and materials


create a tropical paradise ⋅  garden seating ⋅  garden design ⋅  exeter ⋅  exmouth


Create a seating area for your garden design and landscaping, Exeter. Think about a comfortable sized area, for entertaining.  3 x3m is probably the smallest area you could comfortably get away with, for table and chairs.



Decking ⋅ garden seating area ⋅ designer ⋅ exeter ⋅  exmouth


Materials include paving and decking.  Sandstone natural paving is great value.   And works well with both contemporary and traditional garden designs.  Kandla grey works well for a contemporary garden design.


Decking can work well in your garden design.  Especially for elevated positions, at the end of a garden.  Decking looks great in a tropical or prairie garden design.  Prairie garden design plants include grasses: stipa, miscanthus and carex.  Add some colour: Rudbeckia, helium and echinacea.



Choose your type of seating ⋅ metal ⋅ timber ⋅ rattan


Hardwood seating ⋅  box ball hedging ⋅ garden design ⋅ exeter ⋅ exmouth


Seating options include rattan, metal, or timber seating.    Rattan is long-lasting and won’t rot or decay over time. It’s extremely comfortable and practical.    Modular designs can be easily stacked and covered for the winter.  Rattan styles include traditional and modern, available in a wide range of colours and prices.



Painting metal furniture ⋅ hammarite ⋅ Alythane ⋅ Rust-Oleum Combi Color


I like metal seating.  It’s classic and looks great in any type of garden design.  It’s not as comfortable as rattan.  If you don’t have any, invest in some good cushions!  Metal seating can be cast iron or aluminium.  Metal seating does weather over time and does require some maintenance.

Metal seating can be painted easily.  First, remove any flaky paint with a wire brush, scraper, or sandpaper.  Most people paint exterior metal with hammarite – using a brush or spray.  The colour can be limited, matt is the best finish.



Garden furniture ⋅ garden design ⋅ exeter ⋅ exmouth ⋅ devon


Rust-Oleum 7500 Alkythane is a great metal paint.  It’s not cheap.  But great for most metals and can be mixed to any RAL colour.  Try anthracite grey for a start.  Black can be problematic.  Especially if you are painting the furniture outside.  As the black paint will show up the slightest amount of dust and dirt. You can usually get away with one coat.  Take care it will easily stain paving and timber!



Priming bare metal ⋅ Rust-Oleum Combi Color


It’s a good idea to prime any bare metal.  This will help your paint too sick to the furniture.  And prevent any paint flaking off over time.  Rust-oleum combi colour is a great product, which can be used on both metal and plastic.


Rendered walls ⋅ garden design ⋅ exmouth ⋅ exeter


Applying paint ⋅ roller ⋅ paintbrush ⋅ water-based paints ⋅ oil-based paints


Make sure all surfaces are clean and grease-free.  Whether to use a roller or a brush, is a matter of personal choice. For large flat areas.  A roller will always be quicker.  And will produce a flatter, brush-less finish.  Brushes are better for uneven surfaces.


Paint usually comes in two flavours.  Water-based and oil-based paints.  Oil-based paints in the past.  Were always considered more hardwearing.  And associated with a high gloss finish.  With advances in paint technology.  The differences between the two type, are less distinct.  Water-based paint can be hardwearing.   Oil-based paint is messier.  And does require more skill to get a good finish.  Water-based paint is easier to apply.  And more convenient to use.  Its less messy, spills and brushes are easier to clean up!  I’m a convert to water-base paint!


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Add the wow factor ⋅ add a sunken hot tub



Tropical plants  ⋅ garden design  ⋅ exeter  ⋅ exmouth


Why not add a splash of luxury.  By adding a heated hot tub to your garden design and landscaping, Exeter.  They look great with any tropical or zen planting scheme.  Add tree ferns, phormiums, ferns and palms for structure.  Add crocosmia, agapanthus and canna lilies for colour.


Combine with hardwood decking and add a bespoke slatted fence for extra luxury. And add some lighting for effect.


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Create an outdoor kitchen ⋅ add a Pizza oven



pizza oven  ⋅  garden design  ⋅  exeter  ⋅  exmouth


Why not add a pizza oven to your garden design exeter.  A modern alternative to the traditional BBQ.  Modern pizza ovens can create restaurant quality food, in your own garden.  Great for meat eaters and vegetarians.

Options include wood burning pizza ovens. Gas fired pizza ovens.  And hybrids: fuel by both gas and wood.  Many say gas ovens are just as realistic tasting, as wood.  Gas being more convenient.  Quicker to light, and easier to control the temperature.

Great for cooking pizza, bread, and meats.  For example, legs of lamb.  Why not add your own wood store, they look great.  Keeping your timber dry!  Create a counter and a storage area around your pizza oven.   An area to prepare & serve your food.  And storage for utensils.


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Date: March 11, 2021