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Add an entertaining area to your garden by adding natural stone paving.  NaturalsStones paths are a great way of linking different areas within your garden.  Natural stone edging can be used to define a lawn.  Retain a barked area or to create a shingle path.

Our paving is always finished to a high standard.  We offer a range of natural stone products from leading suppliers such as London Stone.




Slate natural stone paving ⋅ rich in colour, hard wearing

Indian sandstone paving ⋅ extremely hard-wearing and low maintenance

Granite paving ⋅ great non-slip surface and slight sparkle

Porcelain paving ⋅ consistent colour, sleek stylish appearance, hard wearing






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Many gardens have changes in levels that require retaining walls.   Great garden design utilises retaining walls to define areas, creating  ‘outdoor rooms’.  All our brick/block walls are constructed by locally experienced bricklayers, to a high standard.


  • Bricks Walls.
  • Contemporary rendered block walls.
  • Traditional sleeper retaining walls.
  • Dry stone walls.





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Decking is warm underfoot and is great for creating areas for entertaining.  Lighting can be added to extend the party well into the night!  All our decks are constructed to a high standard (pre-treated timber frames & high-quality decking boards).  Finishes include hardwood or softwood boards (grooved or smooth boards), Millboard Decking and composite decking.






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We always construct our fencing and trellis using quality pressure-treated timber.  Our fencing is available in a variety of finishes: including hard/softwood slats, feather edge and close board panels.




  •  Garden clearance & stump removal.
  • Planting schemes.
  • Tree & hedge planting.
  • Levelling & turfing.






Contemporary gardens:  combine modern hard landscaping materials.  Combine crisp rendered walls, granite paving.  With strong architectural plants and flowers with bold colours.  Bladed grasses and coloured herbaceous drifts.


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Budget ⋅ grasses such as miscanthus and carex planted in groups are striking and are a cheaper alternative to bamboo.  Mix with colour: rudbeckia, crocosmia & echinacea.


Add a contemporary a garden planting scheme to your garden, by combining

  • Tall and bladed plants ⋅ bamboo ⋅ phormiums
  • Glossy leafed shrubs ⋅ figs ⋅ fatsia
  • A splash of colour ⋅ agapanthus ⋅ crocosmia



For maximum impact always plant in groups using odd numbers. This will give your garden the most impact, producing dense drifts of colour. Bark around plants to retain moisture. This will reduce your weeding and your plants watering needs in those long hot summer months.




Create strong shapes and borders in your lawn and planting beds. Curves can add an informal element to your garden, whilst straighter lines are more formal. Use stepping stone paths to link areas of the lawn. Edging materials can include: natural stone edging setts, thin paving planks, timber edging and everedge.


Garden design ideaEverEdge edging allows you to easily add curves and define edges around your lawn.





Plant Guide: Key Plants

Plant Guide: Hedges

Planting Groups: Combinations & Schemes






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Date: September 16, 2015