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Most gardens will, need some type of storage. Allowing you to declutter the garden.


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Sheds ⋅ of the shelf ⋅ bespoke

Most gardens will, need some type of storage. Allowing you to declutter the garden. You can opt for a pre-made timber shed. Or build one yourself. Prices vary and so does the quality. If you are going to build your own bespoke shed. It’s a good idea to shop around, for your timber. Avoid the builder’s merchants and go directly to a timber merchant. The savings can be significant.


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Why not add some style to your timber shed. Add a slate roof and a galvanised down pipe. You could opt for a water butt. Or direct the runoff directly into an existing bed. And remember to think about lighting and electrics. For inside the shed and around the garden.


Leave it natural ⋅ oiling ⋅ too paint or not to paint

Timber cladding can be left bare. To silver up over time. Most softwood is tanalized, preventing the timber from rotting, over time. If the timber does age or blacken. It can be rejuvenated by treating with a solution of oxalic acid. Please follow any safety precautions. And be careful if you have pets.



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If you have opted for hardwood cladding. Why not enhance its colour by oiling the wood. Hardwood will naturally last longer, than its cheaper softwood cousin. Oiling hardwood will prevent it from drying out, and potentially splitting, overtime. Always allow hardwood to season a little before oiling. This will allow the woods pores to open a little. And will make the oiling process a lot easier.

Softwood can be painted to match the feel of your garden design. It’s a good idea to leave the structure to ‘weather’ for a couple of months before painting. And treat any knots before painting. There’s a lot of products available. Sadolin offers quality products. Zinsser All coat Exterior is a firm favorite.



Just remember once you have painted your time. You have committed to paint it every few years. Be wary of cheap products. Many a good garden design, has be ruined by orange creosote. Black always looks good. Especially when softened with climbers, grey is classy. Green can sometimes work well. Generally, opt for natural tones and avoid garish shades.


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Small storage ⋅ hidden storage ⋅ under seat storage


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When space is at a premium. Bespoke storage can work. Its needs to be large enough to practically store items. Wood for your chiminea. Char coal for your BBQ, compost, or garden tools.

Under seat storage can seem like a good idea. But under seat storage can be impractical: too small for most garden tools. And it’s hard to keep things fully dry! Why not opt for a tall thin bespoke shed. Or long squat storage, that can be hidden by pots or plants.


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Garden Offices


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Garden offices come in all shapes and sizes. From a simple summer-style house. To luxury accommodation, with kitchens, heating, and showers. Many companies offer off-the-shelf kits. Which can work out very economical. Most are timber-based offices. Some with insulation. Some without. If you fancy building one yourself. It’s worth pricing up the timber and fittings. You might find the savings, are not as great as you thought. One option is to buy an off-the-shelf office and customized it. When you install it!

Many people do construct their own bespoke offices or get their local builders too. Timber is easy to work with. Blockwork can also be used for a more ‘permanent solution. This can be clad with timber or rendered. It’s important to comply with your local planning laws. Which can affect the structure’s overall size and height.



Bases for offices ⋅ electrics ⋅cables ⋅ drainage


Most structures are going to need a base of some type. Depending on the size and weight. Most suppliers. will specify this. And it can add a substantial cost to the project. The area will need to be cleared, excavated, and levelled.


Shuttering is used to create the framework for the concrete pour. It must case it easier to arrange a ready mix company to supply the concrete. And this will usually require hiring a pump. Rather than barrowing the cement yourself! It’s important to ensure the cement is level and left a few days to harden, before carrying on with the project.


Cables will also need to be trench for electricity and internet connection. It’s a good idea to think about drainage. Especially if the office is low down. At the bottom of the garden. It might be necessary to build a soakaway to take any runoff. Especially if a significant amount of paving is going to be added.


Roofs can include simple felt, slate or roofing tiles or fibre glass.



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Date: March 15, 2021