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Exeter Landscapes ⋅ garden services ⋅ garden services topsham      5 GREAT PLANTS FOR  PLANTING   Five great plants we alway try to include in are gardens designs.  Easy to grow and to care for.  An ideal plant for a low maintenance gardens  Each plant is extremely versatile.  They can be used successfully in contemporary, traditional, tropical or zen planting schemes.  And each plant works effortlessl
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    EXETER LANDSCAPES ⋅ GARDEN DESIGN     Garden design ⋅ designer ⋅ east devon ⋅ exeter area ⋅ exmouth ⋅ newton abbot     LANDSCAPE ⋅ GARDEN DESIGN ⋅ DEVON ⋅ EXETER          GETTING STARTED ⋅ GARDEN DESIGN      Garden design ⋅ designer ⋅ north devon ⋅ plymouth ⋅ sidmouth ⋅ south devon ⋅ torbay ⋅ east devon       Time to get started with your new g
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