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Garden Redesign • Natural Stone Paving • Exeter • Sidmouth

You want to completely redesign your garden. Or maybe just update it. Why not add a new natural stone paving area?  Adding a focal point to your garden design Exeter.  Here’s our guide to creating great paving in Exeter and Sidmouth.



· Natural Stone Paving · Seating Areas · Paths · Edging Setts · Exeter · sidmouth


Natural Stone  Paving • Slate • Granite • Porcelain • Exeter

Natural stone paving is a great way to enhance your garden in Exeter and Sidmouth.  Natural stone paving not only looks great.  It’s also a great way on adding design features to your garden design.  It’s available in a variety of finishes and colours.  Including sandstone, Slate, Granite and porcelain paving, Exeter & Sidmouth.


Slate Natural Stone Paving Exeter • Slate looks great in any garden design.  Slate natural stone paving is rich in colour.  And feels luxurious.  Slate natural stone paving is one of the more expensive natural stone products.  Slate, looks great front of house.  Add teracotta pots.  Planted with bay trees.  For a classic feel for your paving, Exeter.







Seating Areas · Paved Walk Ways · Edging Setts · Paving · Sidmouth • Exeter

Why not create a paved seating area? Entertain family and friends in the late summer sun. Creating interest in your garden.  Paving creates a great level area for your seating.  Add recessed lighting for a contemporary feel. 


Link Areas • Lawn Edging • Granite • Pointing • Paving Exeter


• Link key areas of your garden design Exeter. Add a natural stone path.  Sandstone works well.  And is great value.  Add a mixture of squares and oblongs for a classic path.  Alternate the stones.  Combine square 600 x 600mm with  rectangle 600 x 300mm.  


Define your lawn. Add natural stone edging setts. Add extra interest to gardens beds and borders.  Setts are great for adding curves to any contemporary design. For your paving Exeter and Sidmouth.  For longer edging strings.  Cut paving slates into strips.  



Granite Natural Stone Paving • Single-Sized Stones • Easy to Clean • Hard Wearing • Exeter 


Granite Natural Stone Paving • Exeter • looks great. It’s available in a variety of textures.  And shades.   Go for a more textured stone for anti-slip properties.  Granite natural stone paving looks great laid in single-size squares.  600 x 600, in a stretcher bond paving pattern, Exeter.  Granite paving looks great in any contemporary garden design.  Is extremely easy to clean.  And is a very hard-wearing product.


Granite Natural Stone Paving • Sandstone • Exeter

Sandstone natural stone paving • is a little more rustic in appearance.  Most stones are deeply riven.  Giving the paving a traditional feel.   It’s available in a variety of shades.  Including greys, browns and greens.


Shot-blasted Sand Stone Paving • White Cement • River Washed Sand • Exeter

Shot-blasted stone is available.  Giving your garden design are more contemporary feel.  These stones look great.  But can stain a little more easily.  On top of the stone.  And staining from underneath.  Using a white cement slurry.  And river-washed sand.  Can help.  So would sealing the top and the bottom of the stones.  Point with sand and cement.  Or Easy point.



Porcelain  Paving • Hard Wearing • Cleaning • Laying • Exeter • Sidmouth


Add Porcelain paving •  to your garden design project, Exeter & Sidmouth.  Porcelain paving is a man-made product.  And the quality does vary from one product to another.  You really do get what you pay for!  European porcelain tends to be of better quality.  Then Indian and Chinese imports.  If in doubt ask your supplier to verify the import country.


Porcelain is extremely hardwearing.   The surface is pretty scratch resistant.   It can be slippy in wet and frosty weather.  It’s a good idea to go for a textured pattern.  With better anti-slip properties.  Porcelain paving is available in a variety of colours and textures.  Go for a classic pattern.  And avoid garish colours and texture.  Avoid complicated patterns.  And borders.  These can date over time.


Laying Porcelain Paving • Exeter • this can be a bit of any art.  First off the bat is cutting the stone.  It’s extremely brittle and tough to work with.  You are going to need a porcelain blade for cutting the stone.  It is possible to use a grinder for small paving areas.


The blades do tend to get hot.  And they can warp.  Causing the stones to crack.  A petrol disc cutter can work better.  Especially if the stone can be cooled using a water hose.  These are available in both electric and petrol models.  A table saw can be better for larger areas of porcelain paving.  They are costly to buy.  But can be hired.


Bridge Bonds • Bonding Agents •  Porcelain • Paving Exeter • Sidmouth

Porcelain is impervious to most liquids.   This gives the porcelain its great anti-stain properties.  This also means the porcelain can have a problem bonding to the cement base.   Using a bridge bond will help.  Common bridge bonds include.  SBR and porcelain bridge bonds.  These products are painted onto the surface of the porcelain paving.  Just before laying the tile.  These substances are extremely sticky and so can easily stain the surface of your new patio.  Once it’s dried.  The bonding agent is extremely hard to remove!  The stone is then laid.  on top of the cement bed.  


Pointing • Porcelain Paving • Exeter • Forget the sand and the cement.  You are going to need a specialised groat.  For your pointing.  There are various methods and various pieces of specialised equipment.  Sponges & squeezees and water boys.  The basic method involves.  Carefully and accuratelyMixing the grouting compound.  With a paddle attachment for a drill.  Or a dedicated paddle mixer.

Remember the mix may go off relatively quickly.  So mix small batches.  As you will need to clean up as your go along.  It’s good to work in a team of two people.   Once the groat has been added to the joint.  Groat a good-sized area.  And move to the clean-up!




Create A Garden Design ⋅ Patios · Paving · Exeter · Sidmouth

It’s always good practice. To have a garden design in place. You may already have some great ideas. Check out garden design guides for more ideas.  A good garden design will save time and money.  For a small garden design project.  A garden design could be a simple sketch.


Rember the design doesn’t have to be set in stone.  If you don’t like something change it.  This is part of the design process.  Even in the construction phase.   If you don’t like part of the design.  When you mark out the pegs and lines for your paving, Exeter & Sidmouth.  Change it!



Scaled Drawings · Planting Schemes · Calculate Costs • Paving Exeter

For a larger garden design project. Consider a scaled drawing. Include your key garden features. Detailing materials to be used. Include a planting plan and detail plants and numbers. Develop interesting planting combinations for your garden design Exeter. A garden design will help you visualise the entire project.  Helping to calculate the overall costs.  For both landscaping materials.  And associated labour costs.  Great for working out paving costs in Exeter and Sidmouth.





Garden design guides garden design guideideas gallerycourtyard small gardensgarden makeovers


Garden design themescontemporarytraditionaltropicalzenwhite garden

Ideas ⋅ Information Guides • Paving Exeter







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Patterns · Keep It Simple · Should I Add a Boarder?

Choice a laying pattern.  Don’t overcomplicate your design. The harder the pattern. More time-consuming it will be to lay. The more wastage. The more money the paving project will cost in Exeter and Sidmouth



Keep it simple and avoid garish borders and geometric patterns.  When installing your paving in Exeter and Sidmouth.  They will date.  And avoid different coloured stones laid together.  Quality stone laid in a simple classic design!  Try to keep it natural.  Subtly complement other materials in your garden design project.  Keep the pointing colour a similar shade to the stone.



Large Stones · Pointing Gaps · The Stretcher Bond · Paving Exeter

Large-quality stones always look good.  Always have a pointing gap.  The paving looks better and the pointing will  ‘hold’ the stones in place.   I always like to offset the stones in a stretch bond style.  This works well with 900 x 600 paving slabs.  Which looks great 100 x100mm stone setts.  For consistent spaces.  Use a plastic spacer.  When Installing your paving in Exeter and Sidmouth.



Rustic patterns ⋅ Paving ·Exeter · Sidmouth

Great for traditional garden design Exeter. Compliments Victorian and Georgian properties. The 4 stone pattern can be more complicated to lay. It can lead to slightly more wastage.  You can be short of one stone size. The pattern is generally more expensive to lay.  Compared to single-sized stretcher bond paving Exeter.



Four Stone Pattern · Small Projects · Adding Interest • Paving Exeter

I don’t really like laying a four stone paving pattern. It’s pretty old school. However, for some smaller paving projects, it’s worth the extra time, effort and cost in Exeter and Sidmouth.


It’s a good idea to have a paving plan. Before you set off lay your patio.  Have a thought about how to reduce your wastage.  Cross off the stones as you go along to overcome confusion and brain ache.  Add a bird’s beak pointing for that traditional feel.  Looks great in Raj green sandstone paving in Exeter & Sidmouth..  Or Natural slate paving, in Exeter and Sidmouth.


Stones of  choice york flagstones ⋅ sandstone ⋅ slate ⋅ black limestone paving Exeter & Sidmouth



Modern traditional ⋅ paving · Exeter · Sidmouth

For a  contemporary feel. Consider a single-sized stretcher bond pattern paving, Exeter. It’s easy to lay.  Once you get in a rhythm with the large stones.  900 x600mm.  The meterage will zip down.  A single size is less complicated to lay in terms of the pattern.  The cuts are easier.  With a lot less wastage.  Gives you more time to concentrate on creating a perfectly flat patio.  Great for larger paving projects in Exeter and Sidmouth.



Getting The Gaps Right · Should I Use Spacers · Paving Exeter

After you have laid a fair few patios.  You will judge the pointing gaps by eye.  It’s easy to get the spacing wrong.  And for a patio to bow out.  Especially when laying a complicated four-stone pattern.  Rember on hand-cut stones the sizes vary in size.


Getting The Patio Square

When setting out the lines.  It’s important to get the patio square.  If it is too wide.  The joint will bow out.  If it’s too tight.  The joints will start to get pinched together.  Using lines is a must for at least one corner of the patio. Forming a right angle.  Always try to come straight off the house.  If the walls or beds aren’t square.  Create a right angle using a bricklayer’s square and lines and steels.  Filling in the gaps between the beds and walls.  Later using cuts.



Doggy Stones · Paving Exeter · Sidmouth

For some spacers work.  Always look along the stones.  You can lose the line even when using spacers.  Especially when using hand-cut stones with vary in size and are not perfectly square.  If a stone is really off-true consider swapping or cutting it.  Paving blind can really cause problems further down the line in Exeter and Sidmouth.  Leading to large gaps!


Large Pointing Gaps or Smaller Pointing Gaps? • Paving Exeter

Smaller gaps look better than large clumsy gaps.  Especially on a tighter calibrated stone such as granite or porcelain paving.   Tighter gaps are harder to point.  So the pointing gap size is always a compromise.  for sny paving, Exeter and Sidmouth.



Gaps are a matter of personal choice for your paving Exeter and Sidmouth!  What even gap do you use?  Get as much pointing material into the gaps.  The pointing if achieved correctly



Setting Your Pointing Gaps · Paving · Exeter · Sidmouth 

Use plastic window spacers to set your pointing gaps.  Decide on a size.  Somewhere between 6 -1-mm.  The smaller pointing gaps look better.  But are harder to fill!  Don’t leave them in overnight as they will become part of your patio!



Victorian ⋅ Georgian Properties ⋅ Paving · Exeter · Sidmouth

This single-sized 900 x 600 paving Exeter.   Looks classic and elegant. It will complement Victorian and Georgian properties. Equally suited to contemporary garden design. Again use large rectangles single sized stones. For a modern traditional garden design.  Squares are great for contemporary garden design.  A pathing class, Exeter.



Paths⋅ Walkways ⋅ Paving  · Exeter · Sidmouth

Paving is a great way of linking key areas in your garden design in Exeter.  When designing your paving path Exeter.  First, think about the path.  Make it comfortable to walk on.  900mm is a generous size for your garden design.  Don’t skimp.  Remember the wider the better.


Path Sizes · The Bigger The Better…

You can just about get away with 600mm for your paving.  Next, think about the design.  I like to keep things simple.  A 600 x600mm couple with a 600 x 300mm looks great.   A contemporary/ Zen design.  Alternate the paving pattern as you work down the path.


Your Garden Levels · Paving · Exeter · Sidmouth

Before you start laying have a look at the levels.  Ideally, it would be great if your paving could avoid any steps.  For some garden designs, this is obviously impossible.  For others, a gentle slope may be all you need.  Fewer steps.  Less work for you.  It will look better.  Small steps are always a trip hazard!



Spirit Levels · Steel Pins · Brick Layers Twine

For most projects, you should be able to set your levels using a spirit level.  A set of steel pegs and some bricklayers twine.  A good addition is a large metal square.  Great for coming square off the house.  Wall and extensions. Great for ensuring corners are square!



Laser Levels · Paving Sidmouth


For larger areas.  You might want to use a laser level.  It’s a two-man job really.  But allows you to scope out large areas.  Extremely quickly.  Great for planning and designing your garden.   They are pretty accurate.  As long as they are checked or calibrated ever so often.  They are great for setting up lines.  Before they are fine-tuned.  With a spirit level.



Linking Parts Of Your Garden Design · Paving · Exeter · Sidmouth

Finally, think about how you will join up different parts of your paving design in Exeter. For example the main patio to the start of a path or walkway.  If maybe that the gradients or falls will be different for different parts of your paving in Exeter.



Cutting A Stone Diagonally To Cope with Levels…

I am not a fan of the builder’s trademark of cutting a stone diagonally to deal with tricky gradients.  Using a transition of edging setts.  A couple of rows.  Is a neater and more flexible solution to the problem.  It looks great adding a bit of extra detail to that paving design, Exter.  Sandstone setts obvious work with sandstone paving!  Granite setts look contemporary and will work well in a modern garden design.   The granite looks great with Kandula grey sandstone paving.  They also make a great border for subtle sweeping curves. Berst of all design your paving to have a gradual well thought levels.  Minimising the steps in your paving project, Exeter.


Great stones granite paving  Exmouth ⋅  porcelain paving  Exeter ⋅ sandblasted sandstone paving exmouth

Ideas ⋅ Inspiration four stone paving plan


Paving Plans






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  • Paving slabs ⋅ garden paths patios ⋅ paving exeter

    · Sidmouth

  • Stone setts ⋅ garden edging strips ⋅garden paving ⋅ patios exeter · sidmouth
  • Decorative paving stone circles ⋅ paving exeter · sidmouth
  • Garden walling ⋅ add curves ⋅ contemporary garden design exeter · sidmouth
  • Coping stones ⋅ protect water damage ⋅ bullnose profile ⋅ garden design exeter · sidmouth
  • Fire pits ⋅ party into the night ⋅ contemporary garden designs ⋅ paving exeter · sidmouth
  • Garden steps ⋅ luxuriously thick ⋅ pre-cut bullnose profile ⋅ adding a touch of elegance ⋅ paving exeter


Remember stone is a natural gardening product.  Each stone product will vary.   In colour and texture.  Always use the same paving supplier for your paving Exeter.  Reducing colour variation.   Between batches of garden stone.



Paving Designs





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Planting always looks good in any garden design.  It is great to soften the appearance of your hardlandscaping.  Particular paving.  Beds are also great for dissipating water runoff from a large paving area.  And the plants like it!  Combine key plants together creating great planting combinations.


Traditional planting ⋅ phormium ⋅ crocosmia ⋅ box hedging ⋅ gaura ⋅ verbena

Contemporary planting ⋅ pittosporum ‘tom thumb’ ⋅ hebe  ⋅ pennesetium ⋅ festacca




Planting guide choosing plantshow to plantaftercare

Planting ideascontemporary traditional tropical zen white Gardenbulbs hot coloursevergreen low maintenance.


Planting Ideas




Cost of Natural Paving · Exeter · Sidmouth

Over the years.  The cost of natural stone has fallen dramatically.  Concrete paving seems more expensive.  Concrete in my opinion doesn’t look anywhere near as good as natural stone paving in Exeter.  It certainly doesn’t wear like natural stone paving.  Which seems to get better the longer you have it.  Thinks of york stone flags with that lived-in look.   Natural stone does benefit from an annual jetwash with a good quality cleaning product.



Sandstone · Slate · Granite · Exeter · Sidmouth

Natural stone garden paving is available in a wide range of materials.  Sandstone, slate, granite and limestone to name a few paving products sold in Exeter.  Natural paving comes in a variety of Colours and finishes.  The quality is extremely high generally.  Far superior to fake stone garden products.  And in most cases more affordable.  It’s a good idea to have a look at the stone in person.


Hitchins of Exeter, has been selling natural stone paving for a number of years in Exeter.  They have a great reputation and product range.  And a great level of customer service.


Paving sidmouth


  © Exeter Landscape ⋅ natural sandstone paving exeter ⋅ paving ⋅ sidmouth ⋅ devon  



Sandstone ⋅ paving exeter · sidmouth

Traditional sandstone patios exeter are riven in appearance.  Great for traditional garden design exeter.  Kandula grey paving is ideal for contemporary garden design exeter.  Affordable and hard-wearing. With effective non-slip surfaces. Low maintenance.  Available in a variety of natural colours.

Sandstone colours ⋅ mint ⋅ fossil ⋅ raj green ⋅ patios exeter


Sandblasted sandstone ⋅ patios exeter · sidmouth

Sandblasted sandstone patios Exeter are uniform in texture and appearance.  Adding a twist to traditional garden design Exeter.  Lay single sizes.   For a contemporary garden design Exeter.  Most sandblasted pathers have machine edges.  Which when laid with tight pointing gaps.  Give the paving a distinct contemporary feel to your garden design project.


The lighter stones can be prone to staining on the top surface when laying.  Alway through clean your stones and consider sealing the stones.  Not an easy task unless you have a clean cover area to leave the stone to cure.  Sometimes they can get stained from your mortar bed.  In particular, is the sand used is rich in iron.  A belt and braces approach is to coat the back of the stones with a concrete slurry.  I have in the past used white cement and river washed sand.  But this can prove extremely expensive for a large paving project.  If you are worried about staining. It’s probably best to avoid the stone  And lay an easier stone!


Sandblasted sandstone ⋅ colours ⋅ mint ⋅ fossil ⋅ raj green.


© Exeter landscapes ⋅ bullnose steps ⋅ paths ⋅ fire pit ⋅ patios  ⋅ paving ⋅ sidmouth ⋅ devon



Granite paving ⋅ patios ⋅ paving Exeter · sidmouth

Granite Patios Exeter has an interesting textured surface.  With a subtle sparkle. Great for Contemporary Garden Design Exeter.  Granite patios have a great non-slip surface.  Granite paving is scratch resistant. Easily cleaned by jet washing.  It can be hard to cut.  Make sure have the right blade.  A large disc cutter is a must. Evolution has some great disc cutter products. Or may hire a masonry saw for a large project.  Spectrum does some great blades in various sizes.  For a wide range of stones!


Slate paving ⋅ patios exeter · sidmouth

Sleek and elegant appearance.  Get for both traditional and contemporary garden design.  Slate looks great in both contemporary and traditional garden designs.  It’s hard-wearing and easy to clean.  It can be prone to frost damage.  Causing the slate layers to delaminate and flake off.  It’s important you use a thick exterior slate.  To avoid this problem.


It is a premier paving product.  And is expensive.  Maybe avoid laying a large patio of slate paving,  Exeter.  But it looks great front of house.  Especially for a traditional Georgian house.   For a touch of class.  Add led strips lights.  To the underside of the treads of your slate paving steps.


Black limestone ⋅ paving ⋅ patios exeter · sidmouth

Looks similar to slate. Very affordable for larger patios.   Look great laid in single sizes.  Great for contemporary garden design paving exeter.  It can fade over time and can be prone to staining.  In some cases, this can be overcome by applying a colour enhancer and sealer.  Please test the product on an offcut before applying to the whole patio.  Black limestones pathing does heat up very quickly on a hot summers day in exeter.  For this reason, avoid sealing in high temperatures.  opting for a cooler day.  As the heat can cause problems with the sealers curing process.


Porcelain ⋅ paving ⋅ patios exeter ·  sidmouth

Everyone is talking about porcelain paving.  It’s extremely stylish.  Adding sharp, clean lines to any garden design and paving in Exeter.  Great for contemporary garden design Exeter.  Porcelain paving is extremely hard-wearing.  Texture finishes are available.  Adding anti-slip properties to any garden design project.  Porcelain paving is rich in colour.  And is extremely uniform in both appearance and texture.

Porcelain paving exeter is available in a variety of styles and finishes.   Lay in single sizes for a contemporary garden design feel.  Check out london stone for further garden design ideas!


It does have its own special laying process.  Involving bridge bond compound such as SBR.  Its not for the faint hearted.  As sticks to every think in site.  And will stain everything in site!  Clothes, towels, stones and mixers.  Be methodical!  Once it has stained a stone you won’t remove it!  Cutting can be an issue.  You will need a porcelain blade and a disc cutter.  A table cutter may be a good investment.

Take care pointing.  Textured porcelain stones are easily stained.  Use a commercial patio grout.  It’s available from London stone.  Available in a variety of colours and textures.   Always read and follow the instructions.  Test a small off cut with the product overnight to check for staining.  Always seek professional advice from the supplier or better manufacture.  If you feel unsure about the advice or product.  Don’t use it.  You could be permanently staining your perfect porcelain paving product!


Natural Stone Guide





Exeter Landscapes ⋅ natural stone setts ⋅ paving exmouth ⋅ patios ⋅ sidmouth ⋅ devon


Add detail ⋅ stone edging ⋅ patios exeter · sidmouth

Natural stone edging always looks great.  It’s a great way to add definition to your patio exeter.  Natural stone edging is extremely versatile.  It can be laid in straight formal lines.  Ideal for traditional garden design exeter.  It can be used to form the following curves.  Great for contemporary garden design exeter.

Natural stone edging is a great way to define a lawn area.  Adding definition beds and borders.  Natural stone edging can be used to create contemporary paths and walkways.   It can also be used to add interest and detail to the large paving project.  Adding subtle borders and decorative features.  It also looks great as a border around your artificial lawn.


Laying is relatively easy.  Lay a thin bed of mortar, the width of one row of natural stone setts.  Create a V shape in your mortar bed.  Then gently add a row of setts.  Haunch the setts in.  And then add another V shape mortar bed. To accommodate the next row of edging sets.  Point with Easy point or sika pointing compound.


Natural Stone Setts






IDEAS Exeter Landscapes ⋅ sandstone cladding ⋅ patios exeter ⋅ paving ⋅ sidmouth ⋅ devon



Stone cladding · Paving sidmouth

Add a contemporary twist to retaining walls.   Stone cladding.  Great for adding detail to any contemporary garden design project Exeter.  Finishes include sandstone, slate and porcelain paving Exmouth.  Great for hiding brick or blocks retaining paving.  Adhere to your stone surface using an exterior tile adhesive.  Can be bought precut.  Particular useful for hard stones.  Or cut your own and a stone cutting table saw for minimal effect and straight lines!


Design clad

Manufactured by London stone.  Design clad is the new contemporary cladding product of the year.  It can be used on walls instead of render.  Uniform in texture and colour.   Resistant to the elements.  Extremely hard-wearing.  Manufactured in large pieces.  1m x 1.5m.   For a quick and efficient installation.  Just don’t drop one!


Stone Cladding





© Exeter Landscapes ⋅ Steps ⋅ paving ⋅ patios ⋅ sidmouth ⋅ devon


Size 1 ⋅ 100mm  x 100mm ⋅ paving exmouth ⋅ patios exeter · sidmouth

Size 2 100mm  x 200mm ⋅ paving exmouth ⋅ patios exeter · sidmouth

Thickness ⋅ can vary from 50 – 150 mm





Size 1 ⋅ 300mm  x 300mm ⋅ paving exmouth ⋅ patios exeter · sidmouth

Size 2 300mm  x 600mm ⋅ paving exmouth ⋅ patios exeter · sidmouth

Size 3 600mm  x 600mm ⋅ paving exmouth ⋅ patios exeter · sidmouth

Size 4 600mm  x 900mm ⋅ paving exmouth ⋅ patios exeter · sidmouth

Thicknesscan vary between  25 mm – 40mm


Paving Sizes






Paving Devon

© Exeter Landscapes ⋅ patios ⋅  paving exeter ⋅ sidmouth ⋅ devon


Flaming ⋅ enhances each stone of natural colour and appearance.   adds anti-slip properties to paving.  stones include granite stone patios Exeter.

Honing ⋅ create a highly polished surface.   finer than sandblasting.  natural stone includes sandstone natural stone patios Exeter.  check out london stones blog.

Sandblastinggreat for a contemporary garden design in Exeter.  uniform texture and appearance.  stones include sandstone patios Exeter.



Hand-cut edges ⋅ machine cut edges ⋅ paving exeter · sidmouth

The majority of Natural Paving is available with either hand-cut or machine-cut edges.  Rustic hand-cut edges. Ideal for Traditional Garden Design Exeter.  Machine cut edges.   Cleaner and more defined.  Ideal for Contemporary Garden Design Exeter.  As a general rule.  Machine Cut slabs are slightly more expensive.







Paving Devon

© Exeter Landscapes ⋅ patios ⋅  paving `⋅ sidmouth ⋅ devon



The cost of natural stone paving has fallen significantly.   A wide range of Stone products is available.  Paving slabs for paths and patios Exeter.  Natural stone setts.   For lawn edging and contemporary garden paths.  Stones for building garden walls.  Stone cladding for Contemporary Garden Walls.


Colour & Quality ⋅ Natural Stone Pathing

Stone is a natural product.  It varies in colour and quality.  The web is full of discount paving suppliers.  Offering massive savings.  It’s tempting to view the ‘same’ product at a local supplier.  And then buy online.   At the discounted price.  Many customers are disappointed.  Remember not all products are actually the same.   Some online bargains may be seconds.  The stones’ colour may be undesirable.  The quality may be low.  Crates can be made up from leftover paving.  Or returns.

Always view your stone.   At your local supplier.  Before buying.  When you are happy.  Buy from the same reputable supplier.  It avoids disappointment and wasted money.  A local supplier will save you time money.   Especially when dealing with returns.  Or pick up any extra stone.

Remember it’s your responsibility to check the delivery.  Quantity of stone delivered.  Quality of stone delivered.  If in doubt.  Send back the delivery.  On the lorry, it came on.  It’s harder to exchange materials a couple of weeks down the line.  It may also cost you extra money.   To get the stone picked up.  A  supplier may charge you a restocking fee.  Sometimes 25% of the purchase price.  Always check for breakages.  Report immediately to your supplier.  To dispatch replacements.





Paving Devon

© Exeter Landscapes ⋅ limestone paving ⋅ limestone coping stone ⋅ walling ⋅ patios ⋅  pathing



Where possible… Paving Exeter · Sidmouth

When buying Landscaping Materials.  Always go with a recommendation.  You will always pay slightly more for quality.  It’s always worth it in the long run.  In terms of quality and overall finish.  Avoid buying blindly over the web.  Some purchases can be old stock.  Or end of line stock. You may struggle to get extra matching stones.




London stone ⋅ helpful & knowledgeable. high quality and finish.  delivery is great.  bespoke cutting service available. professional stone & paving supplier.


Stonemarket ⋅ great range of natural stone paving products.  lots of stone choices.  colours and finishes.  great for contemporary garden design exeter.  great value.

Marshalls stone ⋅ the industry standard.  great selection of stone paving products.  marshalls paving is available from most local builders merchants.


Mandarin stone ⋅ great range of external porcelain paving products.


Easy joint a premier pointing product, being extremely consistent texture and colour. EasyPoint pointing can be used to give a crisp contemporary feel to your paving.  Most noteworthy, it’s available in a variety of colours and can be used to enhance your paving project.  Works great in wet weather!


Buying Stone








Paving ∙ Drainage ∙ Paving Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

Most paving projects will need some drainage.  The aim is to keep a patio water-free and avoid flooding the house! Installing bifold doors can complicate the situation.  Where most people want the same level as the dining room floor!

Before you start any paving project.  It’s a good idea to think about your drainage.  Most paving is impervious to water.  Water will run off the paving.  And will need to drain somewhere.



Falls ∙ Paving ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

Having a fall on your paving is obviously important for drainage.  The correct fall will direct any surface water.  In the direction of the fall.  For a typical residential property, a fall of 1:60 is needed.  For every 60cm, you need a fall of 1cm. 



Measure a Fall ∙ Paving ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

How do I work out a fall? One method is to set up a string line.  Set the line level and then add the fall to your pin.  Mark with tape and reset your line.  For example, Your patio is 4.6m in length.  What will the end of fall be like?



4.6m ÷ 60 = 0.076

0.076 x 100 = 7.6 cm



Calibrate Your Level ∙ Paving ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth        

Another way is to calibrate your level to a 1:6 fall and add a mark to the level’s bubble with some tape.  Now you can check the 1:60 fall when you are laying each stone.



Where’s the runoff going? ∙ Paving ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

Once you have decided the direction of your runoff.  You need to think about what to do, will you?


For a simple patio.  Most of the time the drainage will runoff.  Away from the back of the house.  Driveways are a little more complicated.  And so are long runs of paving.  Enclosed are by walls.  Such as side alleyways.  You really want to avoid pooling water.  But also, not to have a ski slope.  On your paving



Keep it Simple ∙ Beds ∙ Paving ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

One of the simplest solutions is to add a bed at the end of your paving. The plants will love the extra water.  And the greenery will soften your hard landscaping.  Obviously, the soil needs to be pretty free draining and not full of clay.  The lawn will also soak up a lot of the water.


Water is going to pool after a heavy downpour.  Just as your lawn gets soaked after heavy rain.  Don’t worry it will drain over time.  Unless the lawn has a clay issue.



French Drains ∙ Paving ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

French drains can be added between your brickwork and your paving.  Especially where the paving is close to the damp course.  A French drain is a small free-draining trench. Filled with gravel.  It’s a belt and braces approach.  Usually, installed at the highest point of your paving.



These are really the simplest form of drains.  The water will need to go somewhere.  The is likely to be concrete footings near your brickwork!  You may need to direct the water to a free-draining area.




Linear Drains ∙ Paving ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

In some situations, you will need something more sophisticated than a flower bed or a French drain.  Large patios and enclosed areas are going to need a different approach.  Linear drains can be added to create a more robust drainage solution.  If you don’t like the look of the drains, they can be hidden by a layer shingle. Linear drains are great for ensuring water doesn’t flow into door thresholds or garages.



Linear drains plastic or concrete drainage channels.  The top is enclosed with a plastic or metal grill.  They can create a straight run of surface drainage channels.  The different sections can be interconnected with hidden pipework



Slots Drain ∙ Paving ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

Slot drains or brick drains.  Are similar to slot drains.  But are more discreet than linear drains.  Great for door or thresholds.  All you can see is a small slot.  One disadvantage is that you can’t remove the cover for cleaning and removing leaves and general debris.




Linear Drain considerations ∙ Paving ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

The first thing to consider is where is the water going to go?  You may already have some drainage in place.  Wastewater from your downpipe may go to your main wastewater system.  Or to a soakaway.  Or you may have a manhole cover.  Collecting wastewater from your soil stack.  And water from your gutters.



Create a Separate Soak Away ∙ Paving ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

Obviously, you will need to connect your linear drains to one of these drainage points.  Any connecting pipework will need a fall.  Another.  Another option is to create a separate soakaway for your paving project.



Laying a Linear Drain ∙ Paving ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

Linear drains are easy to lay.  They also slot together, allowing you to create long runs of drainage.  It’s always going to have a fall on any channel carrying water.  Your paving will have a natural fall.  For surface runoff.  Linear drains should follow this gradient.




Cross Falls ∙ Linear Drains ∙ Paving ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

Usually, the patio will be level travelling across the patio.  How will this affect the installation of the linear drain?  You will be able to a slight fall or maybe a couple of centimetres.  But any more will compromise the look of the patio.




Straight Runs of Paving ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

Linear drains will drain on straight runs.  The head of the water will push the water along the drain and find a low point.  Obviously, the head of the water can’t move the water uphill.  So, you will need a fall at points in your drainage system.  The channels may retain a small amount of water.  But should overflow.  Just remember falls are favourable.  And water can’t flow uphill!




 Concrete Beds ∙ Paving ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

Create a trench to install your linear drain in.  Allow for the correct fall.  Add a bed of mortar.  Cement and sharp sand mix.  Use a medium to dry mix.  For straight runs.  Connect your linear drains together.  Place in the channel and ‘level’ your drains.  Make sure the drainage is slightly below your paving and has the correct fall.  Using a small level.  Ensure the top of the linear drain is horizontal.




Angles ∙ Paving ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

At some points in your drainage.  You will need to create an angle.  First measure the angle with a sliding bevel.  Using a piece of scrap wood.  Make out the angle.  Next for the tricky part. 




Bisect Your Angle ∙ Paving ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

Bisecting the angle. You need to half the angle.  Using a compass or a non-compass method.  Or a protractor. Or finally angle finder.  There are countless YouTube videos on this!




Practice Makes Perfect ∙ Paving ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

Transfer the bisected angle onto a couple of scraps of timber and check the fit on your corner.  Next, cut your drains to the correct angle using a chop saw and fit.  You can add a bead of silicone to help with the join.



Soak Aways Paving ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

Sometimes you might not have any existing drainage.  Or it’s not practical to ‘plumb’ you drain into your drainage network You could create a soakaway.



Building a Soak Away ∙ Paving ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

Dig a hole at least 1 cubic metre. Next, fill your hole with drainage material. Bricks and rubble.  The top and sides can be lined with a membrane.  To prevent the long-term ingress of clay.  Commercial crates are also available – aqua cells.




Connection Your Soak Away ∙ Paving ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

Connect your linear drain to your soakaway.  A soakaway won’t handle unlimited water.  The water must soak away into the surrounding soil.  They can have limited use in a garden full of clay.  And do tend to lose their effectiveness over time.  Getting filled with clay and debris. However, they can move the drainage problem to another area of the garden.







Paving expert ⋅ One of best online paving guides.  Detailed information.  All aspects of paving covered in-depth.  Including materials & construction details.





Most Paving will need cleaning at some point.  Food, soil, dirt and debris will build up over time.   Mould, moss and algae.  Will thrive in damp areas of your garden.  And given the chance.  


Black Spot ∙ Paving Exeter ∙ Patios ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

Black spot will gain hold over time.  It’s caused by black lichen and will spread over time.  Forget the scrubbing.  Forget the bleach.  It needs to be treated with a specialised cleaner.  Containing sodium hypochlorite.  Floor seal have some great products.  With any cleaning product, you really get what you pay for in terms of quality and strength.  Reducing the amount of cleaner used.  And your time and effort.  


Rust Remover ∙ Paving Exeter ∙ Patios ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

Does what it says on the tin.  Rust can be present in the natural stone paving and form spots on the surface.  As it reacts to slightly acid rain.  Rust can be added to garden furniture, bikes, or metal fencing.  Simply apply to the area.  Agitate The solution with turn purple.  Don’t panic. Leave to dwell for up to 10 minutes.  But don’t let the solution to dry out.  And rinse off with water.  Reapply for stubborn stains. The solution should be Ph neutral.  So it doesn’t stain sensitive natural stone.


Once you have gone to the time and effort of removing the black spots. It’s possible to add a black spot preventer.  Preventing them from resurfacing over time.  This can be applied annually or twice a year.  With a pump-action sprayer.  No rinsing is required.


Patio Cleaners ∙ Paving Exeter ∙ Patios ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

Great for removing any organic matter, grease, grime and general dirt.  First off, the bat.  Always seek specialist advice.  Again, Floor seal offers expert advice and products.  Avoid the brick acid cleaner.  This can cause rust spots on your new natural stone patio.  They are designed for bricks or concrete pavers. Not natural stone.  They are high in hydrochloric acid.  Causing the rust to leach out of the stone.


Always use a product design for natural Stone.  And it’s always a good idea to test a small area.  A cut or a stone which is out of sight.  Leave it for 24 hours.  To check the products are safe!  Once the product is down.  It’s too late.  And in many cases adding water to an acid solution.  Will simply speed up the process.


Aquatic Life ∙ Paving Exeter ∙ Patios ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

fish particularly are extremely sensitive to harsh chemicals.  Be careful not to wash any stone cleaner residues into your pond!


Health And Safety ∙ Paving Exeter ∙ Patios ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

Always read the manufactures instructions.  And follow their advice.  Gloves, long sleeve, trouser and eye protection is a must.  A long handle deck brush will make your task easier.  And will keep you at arm’s length from those strong chemicals. 


Tacking Cleaning Your Paving ∙ Exeter ∙ Patios ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

First off make sure you have the right equipment for the task at hand.


Gloves, Decking Brush, Buckets x2, Cleaning solution and a jet wash.



Cleaning Paving


Excavation The Patio Base ∙ Exeter ∙ Patios ∙ Exeter ∙ Sidmouth

Once you have decided on the size and shape of the patio.  It’s time to excavate the base.  Options include excavating by hand. Or hiring a mini digger.


Getting Rid Of The Waste • Tops Soil • Subsoil

You will need somewhere to get rid of the soil.  Tops soil could be distributed around the beds of your garden.

Construction • Guide



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Date: September 16, 2018