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Lets be honest. Most gardens will need some type of fencing. A solid robust fence provides security and privacy. However fencing can dominate a garden space. Usually either being unloved or cresoted to death. Fencing doesn’t need to be dull or boring. Exeter Landscapes great fencing design guide.


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Create a focal point ⋅ mask areas

Create a modern contemporary feel to your garden design exeter. Add a focal point by adding a slatted fence. A focal point leads the eye. Making a garden space appear larger.  Mask unsightly areas in your garden. Add a slatted fence on top of existing fencing panels, walls or out buildings.  Exeter landscapes slatted panels are constructed from either softwood & hardwood slats.


Slatted Fence Exeter

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Styles ⋅ finishes ⋅ softwood

Softwood slatted fence panels can be left natural. Weathering to an impressive contemporary silver-grey. Don’t worry. We only use treated tantalised timber. Each slat and support is pre-treated with wood preservative.

Add a contemporary twist to your garden design exeter. Paint or stain softwood panels contemporary colours. Great contemporary colours are available from cuprinol or sadaline.  Barn paint is a cost-effective alternative for larger areas.


fencing exeter slatted fence

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Styles ⋅ finishes ⋅ hardwood

Hardwood slatted fencing is available in merantii timber. Other options can include Cedar panels. We don’t recommended staining or painting our hardwood slatted fences. Carefull oiling is your best option. Highlighting the timbers natural grain. Resulting in a classic looking finish. Oiling will also protect your timber.  Maintain the panels rich colour and will prevent timber splitting overtime.

New slatted hardwood panels are naturally rich in colour. Allow your new panels to weather before oiling. Weathering seasons the timber. Opening the timbers pores. Helping the oil to penetrate the timber panel. We recommend you don’t oil your hardwood panels during the first 6 months.


Off the shelf slatted panels ⋅ fencing exeter

The majority of our slatted panels are bespoke. Contructed from lengths of timber. Cut to size and installed on-site.  A variety of companies provide panels kits on-line. Offering an installation service or guide diy installations. Its worth noting that although the products may appear good value.  In-house installation costs can high.


Q-garden multi-purpose screening

Q-garden is multi-purpose screening product.  Great for providng privacy screening around the garden. And filling in gaps under elevated decks.  It can also be used to create a deck balustrade.  Its availible in softwood timber.  And in a variety of pre-painted finishes.



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Slatted Fence Exeter

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Hide old walls or out buildings with contemporary timber cladding.  Cladding installation is similar to slattted fences.  Board are generally wider.  Availible in both softwood and hardwood timbers.  Finishes include natural or pre-painted colours and shades.



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Trellis is great for adding extra height to your fencing. Great for an over looked garden. Adding extra privacy for entertaining. Add when  constructing a new run of fencing.  Or retro-fitted to an existing fence. Options include square or curved trellis.  Curved trellis look great square feather edge fencing or square panels.  Softened with climberssoftwood slatted fencing can also be added to top of existing fencing. Adding extra height and an contemporary feel to your garden design exeter.


Add climbers ⋅ fencing exeter


Fencing Exeter

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Soften your fencing by adding climbers. Climbers add vertical greenery to your garden. Great for smalls garden design. Where space is at a premium.  Climbers are great for breaking up long runs of ‘dull’ fencing.  Add climbers to your garden fencing by attaching a wire climbing frame, to each panel.


Planting ideasCLIMBERS


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Fencing ExeterOsmanthus ⋅ echinops ⋅ acer ⋅ fencing ⋅ slatted fence ⋅ fencing ⋅ exeter ⋅ topsham ⋅ sidmouth ⋅ devon


Adding a planting bed with soften your fencing.  Choose a contemporary or traditional planting scheme.


Contemporary planting ⋅ Alliums ⋅ Olive ½ Standard ⋅ Hebes ⋅ Phormium ‘baby bronze’.

Traditional planting ⋅ Crocosmia ⋅ Rubeckia ⋅ Verbena ⋅ Pennisetum Grass ⋅ Euphorbia.



Traditional Contemporary Zen


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Fencing Exeter

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Feather edge fencing ⋅ exeter

Feather Edge fencing comes in 100mm strips. Which is attached to timber posts and rails on site. Great for uneven gardens. Usefull in gardens with obsicles such as tree stumps. Add a capping rail ontop of feather edge for extra detail.


Lap panels ⋅ waney panels ⋅ slatted fence exeter

Traditional panels which are cost effective for long runs of fencing.  Timber or concete posts can be used.  Its easy to replaced panels in concrete posts.  Add trellis for extra height and detail.  Remember use longer posts if trellis is to be added.  Paint contemporary colours using barn paint.



Fencing Exeter

Fencing ⋅ slatted fence ⋅ exeter ⋅ topsham ⋅ sidmouth



Close board fencing ⋅ exeter

Similar in appearance to feather edge fencing. But in a panel form. The Feather edge is attached to rails. And surronded with a timber border. Vartiety of finishes are availible. Close board fencing is considered more robust that Waney Lap panels. And is smarter in appearace. Hardwood and softwood close board panels are availible.


Decoratve panels ⋅ slatted fence exeter

Panels constructed of woven timber or slatted. Contemporary and Tradition syles availble. Finsishes include softwood and hardwood. Look great painted contemporary colours.


Sizes ⋅ gravel boards ⋅ posts ⋅ fencing exeter

Fence posts can be supplied as tantalised timber posts or concrete slotted posts. We always recommend installing gravel boards. Also known as kick boards. They reduced the rotting of fence panels. Gravel boards and can be supplied as 6″ tantalised timber or 6″ or 12″ concrete gravels boards.

Fencing panels can be supplied in a variety of sizes including: 6ft x 3ft, 6ft x 5ft and 6ft x 6ft.



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