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Fencing Gates

If you need fencing services in Exeter and surrounding areas, choose Exeter Landscapes for affordable, high-quality solutions.


Fencing • High-quality Service

Are you looking for reliable fencing services in Exeter? Look no further than Exeter Landscapes! We offer exceptional customer service and various fencing options to cater to your needs.


Classic Fencing

We provide various fencing options in Exeter, including classic picket fences and secure concrete opportunities. Our landscaping services also include fence replacement.


Fencing Exeter


Exeter Fencing: Options

We provide diverse fencing options, including classic wood and long-lasting metal. We ensure that our fencing solutions are durable and reliable.


Wooden Fencing ∙ Trellis Fencing

Custom Gates ∙ Wire Mesh Fencing

Venetian Fences ∙ Palisade Fencing

Wrought Iron ∙ Security Fencing

Concrete Fencing ∙ Decorative Slatted Fence


Fencing Contractors Exeter • Ideas

Fence Guide •  Slatted FenceFAQs


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Exeter Landscapes offers high-quality fencing services in Exeter. Our experts provide durable garden fences made in the UK, including wooden and metal styles. Contact us today for a free quote with no obligation.


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Fencing contractors Exeter

Fencing contractors Exeter


Fencing  Choosing A fence

Are you looking for a fence that will stand the test of time, require minimal upkeep, ensure privacy, and look great? Look no further! With options like wood, metal, and vinyl, you can have it all. Choose the material that best suits your needs and enjoy a fence that’s as practical as it is beautiful.


Fencing Secure Gates

Make your garden beautiful and secure with Exeter’s gates. Choose from various options for privacy and child and pet safety.


Fencing Guide

Fencing can provide privacy while trellis adds height and light. Choose between timber or concrete posts, feather edge fencing or panels, gravel boards, and treatment options.


Fencing Contractors Company Exeter ·Privacy

A fence can be a quick solution if you have an overlooked garden and would like to enjoy some privacy away from your neighbours. A fence can also provide privacy from the street while blocking out noise. Planting bamboo can be an excellent way to enhance the noise-cancelling effect of the fence.


Fencing Contractors Company Exeter • Which Fencing?

Feather Edge Fencing Exeter ⋅ Lap Panels Exeter Closed Board Panels ⋅

Decorative Panels ⋅ Bespoke Slatted Fences ⋅ Trellis ⋅ Hardwood Cladding

Softwood Cladding.


Exeter Fencing Contractors Company Exeter • Height 

Fences in Exeter come in different heights, ranging from 2 to 6 feet. You can have a fence up to 2 meters tall without planning permission. A shorter fence with a slatted trellis allows for more sunlight. We offer affordable solutions that make a difference.


Fencing Contractors Company Exeter • Panels Or Feather Edge · 

There are various styles of panels to choose from, such as close board panels, slatted panels, and feather edge panels, which all look amazing and can be easily installed.


Fencing Contractors Company Exeter • Concrete Posts

If you have slotted concrete fence posts, replacing panels is easy. They are also more aesthetically pleasing than feather edge fencing. You can use either tantalized timber or concrete slotted posts for your fence. However, finding concrete posts specifically for feather edge fencing can be more difficult than finding slotted posts. In Exeter, concrete posts are commonly used for panel fencing.


Fencing Contractors Company Exeter • Gravel Boards · Fencing

We suggest installing gravel boards or kickboards to prevent fence panels from rotting. You can choose between 6″ tantalized timber or 6″ or 12″ concrete gravel boards. Be careful to stack only a few, as they might need to look more excellent.

Review: Great at protecting fences.


Fencing Contractors Company Exeter • Feather Edge 

Feather edge fencing is 100mm wide strips attached directly to timber posts and rails on-site. It’s perfect for gardens with uneven terrain , easy to set up, and quick to install in Exeter. Larger bays mean fewer fence posts to dig, and costs are generally lower than fence panels.


Fencing Contractors Company Exeter • Panels

various fencing panels are available in Exeter. These include Close Board, Waney, Lap Wing, Ventican, Hit & Miss, Weave, and Slatted panels. You can find panels in different sizes for your fencing needs in Exeter. Some available sizes include 6ft x 3ft, 6ft x 5ft, and 6ft x 6ft.


Fencing Contractors Company Exeter • Lap Panels ⋅ Waney Panels  

Regarding Fencing in Exeter, traditional panels are cost-effective for long stretches. To add some extra height and detail, consider incorporating a trellis. Use longer posts if you add a trellis to your installations.


Fencing Contractors Company Exeter • Close Board  

Close board fencing in Exeter is a durable and visually appealing type of fence. It has a feather edge attached to rails, surrounded by a timber border. You can choose between hardwood and softwood panels and replace the boards over time. With various finishes available, it’s a great option for long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing Fencing & dedication


Fencing Contractors Company Exeter •Treating Your Panels

You can stain or leave your fence natural. Black Sadolin is good if you have a planted bed behind it. It’ll highlight plants, especially tropical ones. Most Fencing is rough-sawn and unfinished, so it absorbs treatment quickly.


Advice: Avoid anything too bright!

Review: Sadolin’s coverage is excellent!


Fencing Contractors Company Exeter • Decorative Panels

Exeter offers decorative panel fences in woven timber or slatted panels in different styles. Choose from contemporary or traditional designs, finished in softwood or hardwood. Paint them in modern colours to add style, or leave them natural for a rustic feel. Perfect for enhancing your outdoor space.


Review: Perfect for contemporary gardens.

Advice: lattices work well dedication day


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Contemporary Slatted Fences


Fencing Contractors Company Exeter • Contemporary Slatted Fence

Consider installing a sleek and stylish Contemporary Slatted Fence to give your garden a modern touch. You can choose the material that best suits your needs, with options available in both softwood and hardwood. This type of fence adds a contemporary feel to any outdoor space, creating a sleek and sophisticated look. Whether you prefer a natural wood finish or a painted design, a Contemporary Slatted Fence will enhance your garden’s overall aesthetic.


We take pride in our construct. We always get an email with positive feedback or a good customer review. Contact us for an obligation quote!


Update A Tired Fence ∙ Add Interest.

Cladding can refresh old fences in Exeter. Paint it or leave it natural. Add softness with bamboo, phormiuns, or verbena. Slatted fencing is cost-effective and modern. Perfect for enhancing your garden design in Exeter.


Create A Focal Point • Mask Areas.

A modern slatted fence can be a great solution for camouflaging unsightly areas in your patios. In Exeter, it is easy to add one on top of existing fencing panels, walls, or outbuildings. The softwood slatted fencing panels can be left to weather naturally, resulting in a stunning contemporary silver-grey shade. There is no need to worry!


Fencing Contractors Company Exeter • Treated Timber

At Exeter, we use top-notch treated timber to create our fences. Our wood preservative ensures that each slat and support is durable and sturdy. Choose between softwood and hardwood slats for our landscape-slatted panels. Our slatted Fencing in Exeter is ideal for a modern and contemporary look. You can customize the height and spacing of the slats as per your liking.

Our Contemporary Slatted Fence can be left natural, or you can paint or stain it. It always gets a positive review! In Exeter, you can find meranti timber hardwood slatted Fencing. Another choice for fencing panels is cedar.


Fencing Contractors Company Exeter • Painting Your Fence

We suggest not using stain or paint on our hardwood Contemporary Slatted Fences. Instead, it’s best to carefully apply oil to enhance the natural grain of the timber and achieve a timeless appearance.

Oiling also protects the wood, preserving its rich colour and preventing splitting as time goes by. You can find excellent products from Osmo that will help you with this. Great for maintenance.


Contractors Company Exeter • Care

The hardwood panels in Exeter have a beautiful natural color. It is recommended to let the panels weather before applying oil. This allows the timber to improve in quality by opening up its pores, making it easier for the oil to penetrate the panel. It is advised to avoid oiling your hardwood panels for the first 6 months, and then apply oil annually to your slatted fencing in Exeter.


Fencing Contractors Company Exeter • Varnish · Laquer

You can varnish or lacquer the fence, like yacht varnish. Preparing it may take effort, and you might need to apply multiple coats for a shiny and deep finish. However, oiling it will make the process quicker and easier.

Fencing Contractors Company Exeter • Paint

Modernize your garden fencing in Exeter by painting softwood panels with contemporary colors. Brands like Cuprinol or Sadolin offer great shades. Try Barn Paint for larger areas. It adds color, highlights natural grain, and protects. A great option for the local area.


Fencing Contractors Company Exeter • Custom or Off The Shelf?

Most of our slatted panels are custom-made. They are built using timber directly sourced from sawmills, cut to the required size, and carefully installed on-site.

Various companies offer panel kits online, along with the option of professional installation or a DIY guide. It’s important to note that even though these products may seem affordable, the cost of having them installed by professionals can be pretty high. Check if they have a contractor-positive review.


Fencing Contractors Company Exeter • Why Add Trellis?

  • It adds visual Interest at a great price.

  • Provides support for climbing plants and vines

  • Offers additional privacy by blocking the view from certain angles

  • Creates a sense of enclosure and intimacy in the outdoor space

  • Adds height and dimension to the fence design

  • It can be used to define different areas within the garden


Fencing Contractors Company Exeter • Curved Trellis

Curved trellis pairs nicely with square feather edge fencing or square panels. It can be enhanced by adding climbers, which adds a touch of softness to the overall look. Great for the local area.


Fencing Contractors Company Exeter • Add Softwood Slats

Softwood slatted fencing can significantly add to your existing Fencing in Exeter. It adds height to your garden design and gives it a modern touch.

If you have climbers in your garden, the trellis works well with them. However, it’s important to avoid using ivy as it grows fast and can be invasive. Moreover, ivy can put extra weight on your fence, potentially causing damage.


Fencing Contractors Company Exeter • Add Planting

Soften your Fencing by adding climbers. Climbers add vertical greenery to your garden. Great for small garden design. Where space is at a premium.

Climbers are great for breaking up long runs of ‘dull’ Fencing. Add climbers to your garden fencing by attaching a wire climbing frame to each panel in Exeter. Great for any budget for your patio.


Unique Facts: White Jasmine is an ever-green climber.

Unique Facts: White jasmine has a beautiful scent.


White jasmine is an excellent climber that stays green throughout the year. It emits a lovely scent during the summer and is not overly dense or invasive. The best part is that it provides coverage all year round! Just the job! Great for the local area.

We are happy to produce a free obligation quote for replacing the old fence with a replacement slatted fence.


What Other landscaping services do you offer?

Our company provides a wide range of landscaping services for both residential and commercial clients. We specialize in paving, patios, decking, and artificial grass services. If you are looking to enhance your outdoor space, we can help you get a professional deck in Exeter.

Our deck options range from spacious barbecue decks to cosy morning coffee spots catering to your unique style. We also offer natural-looking artificial grass installations that require minimal upkeep for residential and commercial spaces.


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Fencing Contractors Company Exeter • FAQs


1# Does Exeter Landscapes provide Fencing services in Exeter?

Exeter Landscapes offers quality fencing services in Exeter for residential and commercial properties. They provide customized and durable fencing solutions using high-quality materials and skilled artisans. Choose Exeter Landscapes for top-notch fencing services in Exeter.


2# How do I Find a Fencing Company Exeter?

If you’re looking for top-quality fencing services in Exeter, then it’s essential to do your research. One of the best ways to ensure you’re getting the best possible service is to check customer reviews. Reading other customers’ experiences can give you a good idea of what to expect from a particular fencing company.

In addition to customer reviews, you should also check Google ratings and ThreeBestRated. These resources can help determine which fencing companies are the most reliable and reputable. Getting quotes from several skilled garden landscapers is always a good idea to ensure you get a fair price for the services you need.

3# Can you get an emergency fence repair in Exeter?

Several fencing companies in Exeter offer emergency fence repair services to quickly and efficiently fix any damage caused by weather, accidents, or unforeseen events. Contacting a reputable service as soon as possible can ensure the safety and security of your property.


4# Can I get a free obligation quote for Fencing in Exeter?

Yes, to get a free quote for Fencing in Exeter from top fencing services. There is no obligation to assess the cost of your fencing project before making a decision. Contact expert fencing services in Exeter and request a quote for either new installation or repair work. Make an informed decision and avoid surprises regarding the cost of your fencing project!


5# How long does it take to finish a fencing or landscaping project?

Fencing projects can take longer depending on their size, design complexity and weather conditions. Discuss the timeline with your contractor to clearly understand when the project will be finished.



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A fence is essential for privacy, security, and aesthetics in Exeter. It deters intruders, secures property boundaries, and enhances privacy.

Competitive Prices Products ∙ New Fence  Prices ∙ Review

Competitive prices for products for replacing an old fence with a new fence. For quality work for residential and commercial contractors.

Exeter Landscapes is a local landscaping company. Our teams take pride in their installations for each completed job. Taking pride in installation jobs makes all the difference, regardless of the budget. We always get positive reviews for the completed jobs of any budget or unique facts.

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