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1# Garden Design Guide (Design Process)


2# Small & Court Yard Garden Design


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Exeter Landscapes offers a range of planting and garden design guides, drawing from our experience in crafting gardens across Exeter and Devon.


1# Specimen Plants

The guide includes an Olives Guide, Bay Trees, Box Guide, Pleached Trees, Tree Ferns, Acers, Cloud Trees, Rhododendron, and Silver Birch.

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 2# Key Plants

The Guide covers various categories such as color, autumn color, focal points, shrubs, hedges, climbers, ferns, evergreen plants, low-maintenance options, wildlife-friendly planting, ground cover, dry sunny conditions, dry shady spots, moist shady areas, wet soils, windy sites, clay soils, and acid soils.

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3# Successful Planting Combinations

The Exeter Landscapes plant combination guide emphasizes the importance of selecting appropriate plants for specific locations. It highlights how each plant complements one another, creating successful planting combinations. Categories for these combinations include Contemporary, Traditional, and Zen garden designs.

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4# Five Great Plants For Garden Design


Landscaping Guides

Garden Design Exeter

Exeter Landscapes essential landscaping guides. Including design ideas, construction tips, and frequently asked questions.


1# Decking Guide


2# Paving Guide


3# Fencing Guide


4# Artificial Grass Exeter


5# Hard Landscaping Guide 


6# Turfing Services



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1# Gardening Services Exeter


2# Gardener Exeter


Date: March 31, 2024