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Gardeners Exeter • Garden Services • Gardener

Exeter Landscapes Maintenance provides professional garden maintenance services for residential properties. We offer regular and one-time services to keep your garden looking its best.


Garden Maintenance ⋅ Garden Services Exeter

Exeter Landscapes offers expert garden and ground maintenance services, including lawn care, hedge trimming, weed control, and general upkeep. Great Gardeners, Exeter.


Lawn Care ⋅ Garden Services Exeter • Gardeners

Exeter Landscapes offers complete lawn care services, including grass cutting, fertilization, and aeration. With their expertise, you can enjoy a healthy and vibrant lawn without the hassle of maintaining it yourself.  Exeter Landscapes Garden & Garden Services Exeter.


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Hedge Trimming • Garden Services Exeter • Gardeners

At Exeter Landscapes, we specialize in hedge trimming. We recently helped a customer in Exeter by restoring their overgrown hedge to its former glory, in Exeter. Our professional gardeners delivered a tidy and clean result, leaving another happy Exeter customer. Another great job, Exeter Landscapes, Gardener Exeter.


Gardeners Exeter

Gardeners Exeter • Gardener • Garden Services


Weed Control Solutions ⋅ Garden Services Exeter • Gardeners • Gardener

Weeds can quickly take over your garden. Exeter Landscapes offers effective weed control solutions to eliminate them without harming your plants. Exeter Landscape Gardeners Exeter & Garden Services.


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Well-Maintained Garden Exeter • Gardeners Company

Exeter Landscapes Gardeners Exeter, provides comprehensive garden maintenance services, including pruning, weeding, and other hard work, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your outdoor space and property. Contact us for Garden Services and Gardeners Exeter.


Gardeners Exeter • Top Tips Great Maintenance

For low maintenance, avoid fast-growing hedges and use bark in your beds to suppress weeds. Enhance sustainability by incorporating a compost bin. Maintain a lush lawn by regularly feeding it. Ask our gardeners for hedge advice in Exeter.


1# Avoid Fast Growing Hedges ⋅ Garden Maintenance

Design a low-maintenance garden by avoiding fast-growing hedges like Laurel and Leyland cypress on your property, reduce your time hedge cutting. Opt for alternatives like beech (especially purple beech), box hedging for formal low hedges, or thorny options like Berberis for security. Ask our gardeners in Exeter for expert advice. Yew and Holly are also slow-growing alternatives. Reduce your property hedge-cutting.  Great Gardeners, Exeter.


2# Reduce Your Weeding ⋅ Garden Maintenance Exeter • Gardeners

Simplify gardening by narrowing beds and borders to maximize space and minimize weeding. Use climbers like Trachelospermum jasminoides for appealing “green walls.” Our gardeners in Exeter are great at planting climbers. Apply ornamental bark and weed membranes to significantly reduce weeding and prevent drying out during hot summer months. Let our gardeners take the hassle out of your garden services, Exeter.


3# Bark Your Beds ⋅ Garden Services • Gardeners Exeter

  •  Bark offers multiple benefits:

    • Traps in Moisture: Reduces watering needs, reducing your water bill.

    • Prevents Weeds: Lowers garden maintenance costs; consider using a weed membrane before applying bark. Great work!

    • Encourages Insects: Attracts essential insects, particularly worms, promoting nutrient-rich and healthy soil. Worms also serve as a food source for wildlife, including the local bird population. Exeter Landscapes, Gardener Exeter.


4# Add A Compost Bin ⋅ Garden Maintenance Exeter • Gardener

Use softwood sleepers, gravel boards or wire fencing. A compost bin is a great way to recycle your green waste. Building by qualified gardeners, Exeter.

A compost bin:

  • Recycles your garden’s green waste, reducing those frequent trips to the tip/recycling centre. Great Gardeners Exeter & garden services.

  • Over time, it will produce a rich compost to add to your flower beds and vegetable garden, an excellent start for the family vegetable plot.  Great gardeners and garden services, Exeter.

  • Great for wildlife in the garden. Providing worms and insects for birds. Great work!

  • Details: Two bins for easy rotation of compost, gardeners & garden Services in Exeter.


5# Feed Your Lawn ⋅ Garden Maintenance Exeter • Gardeners • Gardener

 Feed your lawn at least 3 times a year with a good quality sports lawn feed. A great start to the growing season!

Spring Sports Lawn Feed ⋅ Add a spring lawn feed to give a lawn a head start for the growing season. Consider over seeding patchy areas. Contact our gardeners in Exeter for a quote.

Summer Lawn Feed ⋅ Rich in magnesium and nitrogen to give your property a deep green hue, a great start! Exeter Landscaping, Gardeners and garden services Exeter.

Autumn feed: Banish those worm casts by adding an autumn feed rich in iron sulphate. That’s another great start! Always ensure the lawn feed is healthy water in to prevent scorching. Try applying a lawn feed on a wet, rainy day! Always spread your lawn feed evenly! Great garden maintenance work!


Details: Feed a nice wet dry & avoid walking on the feed.  Contact us for cost effective gardeners and garden services, Exeter.  For lawn feed and garden services in Exeter, contact gardeners, today!

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Great Garden Designs Ideas • Exeter Gardeners Company

For an outstanding garden design, incorporate a specimen tree or a water feature. Define your space with lawn edging and include a storage area. Infuse summer interest with a hanging basket.


1# Add A Specimen tree ⋅ Gardeners Exeter Company • Gardener

Introduce a focal point with a magnolia tree for its spring charm, incorporate a pleached tree for added privacy, or infuse a touch of the tropics with a tree fern. Incorporate vibrant colours throughout the landscape to tie everything together. Contact Us, for garden services and gardeners in Exeter.

Details & Consumer advice: Agapanthus & crocosmia are great for colour, Gardeners Exeter & garden services.


2# Water Features ⋅ Exeter Gardeners Company • Gardener

Enhance your family garden by building a split-level water feature, creating a seamless flow by pumping water from a lower to an upper level. Include a natural waterfall concealed by rocks and a pond liner. Naturalize the area with well-placed plantings and add a timer for controlled water flow. Works well with a patio; we have many years of experience with all aspects of paving.  Contact us to today for great gardeners and garden services in Exeter.

Details & Consumer Advice: opt for a solar pump.  Great gardeners and garden services, Exeter.


3# Add Specimen Tree ⋅ Exeter Gardeners Company • Gardener

Introduce a focal point with a magnolia tree for its spring charm, incorporate a pleached tree for added privacy, or infuse a touch of the tropics with a tree fern. Incorporate vibrant colours throughout the landscape to tie everything together. Contact us today for a prompt quote, for your garden services and garden needs, Exeter. Exeter Landscapes, great gardeners and garden services, Exeter.


4# Building A Hanging Basket • Exeter Gardeners Company • Gardener

Create an eye-catching hanging basket with a single colour and variety featuring bold, non-variegated foliage and red, white, or yellow flowers. You can purchase bedding plant plugs online early in the season for value, but wait until the frost has receded before planting. J Parkers offers high-quality plants. We have many years experience with all aspects of soft landscaping, a great Gardener and garden services, Exeter.


5# Building Seating • Exeter Gardeners Company • Gardener

Consider building a work building with a seating area using cost-effective sandstone or decking for a quick solution. Engage in building work to create a comfortable and inviting space, ensuring functionality without compromising comfort. We have many years experience with all aspects of hard landscaping. Gardener & Garden Services, Exeter.


6# Add a Lawn Strip • Gardeners Exeter • Gardener

Define your lawn easily with lawn edging. Natural Stone for straight lines, Everedge for curves, and budget-friendly timber options are available. Explore more on our Paving Page. Great garden services and gardeners, Exeter.


7# Add A Shed For Storage ⋅ Garden Services Exeter • Gardeners

For a tidy garden, get ready-made or make your timber shed. Prices and quality differ, so buy timber from a merchant for savings if you build a custom shed. Building a shed: add a slate roof, galvanized downpipe, and a water butt. Direct rainwater to a bed, and think about adding lights and electricity to the shed and garden. Great storage for garden maintenance. Why not add contemporary slatted fencing? Exeter gardener and garden services.

8# Custom Storage ⋅ Exeter Gardeners Company • Gardener

Choose custom storage that’s big enough for your needs in small spaces, like wood, charcoal, or garden tools. Avoid under-seat storage; it’s usually too small and could be better at keeping things dry. Instead, go for a tall, thin shed or a low storage unit where plants can hide in pots.

Details & Consumer Advice: use treated timber!

Add Accessories: Exeter Gardeners Company & Garden Services.


9# Add Accessories • Gardeners Exeter • Gardener

Elevate your garden design with practical accessories like BBQs, fire pits, and chimneys. Choose items that match your taste and complement your layout. Extend outdoor enjoyment into the night with a stylish fire dish or chiminea. Consider a covered wood store with attractive roofing options. Add an artificial putting green for family and friends to enjoy. We have many years of experience with all aspects of timberwork. Great garden services and gardeners Exeter.

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FAQs • Gardeners Exeter • Gardeners

How often should I hire a gardener for maintenance?

To keep your Exeter garden looking its best, hiring a gardener every two weeks in spring and summer is advisable. Service frequency depends on your garden’s size and specific garden maintenance needs. Why not contact us for great gardeners and garden services, Exeter


Can I request specific gardening tasks?

Exeter Landscapes offers flexible services, including lawn mowing, hedge trimming, planting, and more. Discuss your garden maintenance needs with the gardener for personalized assistance, Exeter.

Do I need to provide my gardening tools?

No need to worry about tools! Gardeners usually bring high-quality equipment, saving you the expense and hassle of managing tools.  Contact us for garden services and gardeners in Exeter.

Are gardening services in Exeter expensive?

Gardening costs in Exeter vary with garden size, task complexity, and chosen company. Compare prices and garden maintenance services to find a budget-friendly, reliable option. Exeter landscapes, Garden Services and Gardeners, Exeter.

How do I choose the proper gardener for my needs?

Choose an Exeter gardener based on experience, reviews, and past work. Explore various gardening companies and seek recommendations from satisfied friends or neighbours for reliable and skilled professionals who can meet your needs effectively. Do they have RHS Level 1, RHS Level 2 or RHS Level 3? Why not contact us today for gardeners and garden services, Exeter.

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Regarding job opportunities in garden services and garden maintenance, our team stands out with a cadre of highly qualified gardeners. We specialize in garden maintenance work and extend our expertise to property maintenance, ensuring that every aspect of your outdoor space is in top-notch condition. Our team holds qualifications, including RHS level expertise, guaranteeing a professional approach to all gardening tasks. From the initial stages of planning your property’s transformation to the finishing touches like a meticulously laid patio, we are dedicated to a trustworthy and reliable service. We pride ourselves on providing consumer advice tailored to your unique needs, guiding you every step of the way. From the groundwork to the final touches, we handle everything with attention to detail, making your outdoor space a true reflection of your vision and ensuring a job well done.

Our garden services go beyond mere maintenance; we are dedicated to creating outdoor spaces that flourish over time. With a focus on customer service and expert advice, our team ensures that every aspect of your garden is handled carefully. From regular garden maintenance to extensive landscaping work, we take pride in consistently delivering an excellent job. Whether it’s planting solutions, trades like bricklaying and carpentry, or even turfing and extensions, our team is well-versed in a wide range of services. We understand the importance of consumer advice, tailoring our recommendations to suit your specific needs. Contact us for gardens that stand the test of time and evolve into great outdoor havens. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that each project, big or small, receives the attention it deserves, making us your go-to partner for all your gardening job and outdoor living needs.

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 With years of experience and a team of qualified gardeners, our gardening services have consistently delivered exceptional results. Our commitment to customer service is evident in the friendly and trustworthy approach of our team. Specializing in a wide range of tasks, from regular garden maintenance to landscaping and home extensions, we take pride in our attention to detail. Whether it’s pressure washing garden walls, hedge cutting, or decking and patio construction, our skilled professionals ensure a great job every time. Holding certificates in the construction industry and maintaining an RHS level of expertise, we bring a wealth of knowledge to every project. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in our prompt and reliable service. From tree maintenance to carpentry work, we cover all aspects of garden care, providing expert advice and top-notch execution. Contact us for a comprehensive and reliable gardening service that encompasses everything from property maintenance to intricate landscaping, and years experience the difference our friendly team can make.

Exeter homeowners consistently praise the gardening services provided by our company, which is backed by years of experience in the construction industry and property maintenance. Our friendly team takes pride in delivering excellent results, whether grass cutting, hedge trimming, or pressure washing. With a wide range of expertise, including bricklaying, carpentry, and landscaping, we ensure that every aspect of your garden and property is taken care of. From the meticulous attention to detail in planting and turfing to the construction of beautiful garden walls and decking, we guarantee a great job every time. Our trustworthy and prompt service extends beyond just gardening work; we offer solutions for home extensions and various time trades, all carried out with the same commitment to quality. Contact us today for a garden experience that exceeds expectations, where customer satisfaction is our top priority.

 When seeking reliable garden services and maintenance advice, consumers often prioritize years of experience, and our company boasts a wealth of expertise, especially in building works. With a focus on delivering excellent job after excellent job, our team takes pride in its extensive years of experience within the construction industry. Whether it’s garden maintenance or intricate building works, our commitment to quality shines through. We understand the importance of providing consumer advice tailored to individual needs, ensuring that every detail is taken into account. Our years of experience in the field and a dedicated team guarantee that your garden will receive the utmost care and attention. From basic garden maintenance to complex building works, we are your trusted partner in creating outdoor spaces that reflect our commitment to excellence and customer job satisfaction. consumer advice,


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