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Landscaper Exeter: Paving

Add paving to your garden for a great entertainment area. Choose from concrete, natural stone, or porcelain. Use riven stone for a rustic feel or smooth stones for a contemporary look. Add zone lighting for a lasting party atmosphere.


Landscaper Exeter Concrete or Natural Stone

If you’re looking for a reliable paving option for your driveways or outdoor areas in Exeter, concrete is an excellent choice due to its durability. However, if you want to add an element of sophistication to your outdoor space, natural stone options like granite, sandstone, or limestone can do the trick.

Landscaper Exeter Concrete Paving

Concrete pavers are a great value, easy to work with, and durable option for many DIY projects. They come in many styles and patterns and are easy to lay, clean, and maintain. Pavers with chamfered edges work well and can be pointed or butted up to each other using sand and cement. Concrete pavers are ideal for utility areas, bases for sheds, and hardstanding areas near sheds and garages. They’re affordable, durable, and more accessible to work with than natural stone.

Landscaper Exeter Natural Stone

Natural stone paving is of great value and easy to work with. Most of it has a riven appearance, which gives each slab a unique and natural look. This natural texture also makes the stone anti-slip, providing a safe surface.

Landscaper Exeter •  Why choose sandstone

Natural stone paving has become more affordable in recent years, offering various options to fit different budgets. Sandstone is a popular choice for paving in Exeter due to its affordability and ease of use. You can choose between riven stones for a rustic look or shot-blasted stones for a modern style. For a traditional feel, opt for Raj Green and enhance the look further with a mixed pattern of pavers.

Landscaper Exeter Landscaper Exeter: beauty of porcelain

Porcelain is a durable and stylish man-made product in different shades and textures. It is easy to clean and highly resistant to staining. Installing it requires a few tweaks compared to traditional natural stone. Applying a bridge bond or paving slurry to the back of each tile and using a high-quality porcelain blade for your grinder can help avoid cracking.

Landscaper Exeter Granite natural stone  

Granite paving is a durable and strong option for outdoor areas and driveways. It can handle heavy foot traffic without getting damaged. To make it last longer, it’s a good idea to apply a water-based pre-sealer and clean it regularly. Choose 600 x 600 stone for a contemporary look for a modern garden design. Granite is also great for constructing pathways.  

Landscaper Exeter Slate

Slate is a high-quality, durable stone with a luxurious finish. It’s perfect for outdoor paving, creating porches or pathways, and looks great in front of homes. Be sure to avoid cheap indoor slate that may break in cold weather.

Decking ∙ Landscaper Exeter 

Decking is a versatile addition to any garden design, providing an excellent space for relaxation and entertaining guests. Softwood decking is the most affordable option, with ridged and smooth finishes. It’s perfect for uneven gardens and can create raised walkways or a seating area. Hardwood decking is a premium option, with Balu being the industry standard known for its rich colour and durability.


Raised Beds ∙ Landscaper Exeter

Consider creating a raised bed for your garden design project. Options include softwood and hardwood sleepers or block-rendered walls. Raised beds are perfect for traditional planting and managing levels in a sloping garden. Sleeper beds are quick and easy to construct and do not require footings, unlike block or brick walls.



 Why add a water feature ⋅ sound ⋅ movement

If you want to create a beautiful and calming atmosphere in your garden, consider adding a water feature that matches your garden’s theme. This will give your garden a cohesive feel and make it more relaxing. Make sure to plan your planting scheme carefully to complement your water feature.


Ponds ⋅ waterfalls ⋅ fountains ⋅ water features.

When selecting a water feature for your garden, consider size and impact. It should not overpower the design or be hidden. The feature will appear smaller as plants grow and blend seamlessly with the garden.


Landscaper Exeter Ponds versus water features

If you have a small courtyard garden and want to add a pond, it’s essential to consider that ponds require maintenance throughout the gardening season and may not be the safest option if you have children or pets. However, you can still add a water feature to your garden that is easier to install and maintain than a pond and safer for pets and children.


Landscaper Exeter⋅ pond liners ⋅ pond inserts.

Choose natural materials over plastic and fibreglass for better durability and aesthetics. If using pond liners, black is the best colour for reflections. Keep pond shapes simple for contemporary designs, and opt for sandstone, granite, or corten steel paving based on the garden’s style.




 Split levels ⋅ waterfall blades ⋅ natural waterfalls

 Consider adding a water feature to your garden design project. Constructing a split-level pool can create the illusion of constantly flowing water. You can also add interest by incorporating a natural waterfall using a pond liner hidden by rocks and adding planting to naturalize the feature. Control the flow and add a timer for added convenience.


Landscaping Exeter • waterfall blades 

Are you looking for a modern waterfall blade? You can choose between rustic stone or modern metal. You can opt for contemporary brushed or aged corten steel for a sleek, industrial feel.


Landscaping Exeter Bowls ⋅ Troughs ⋅ Containers

Consider a steel bowl for your small garden to add some dappled light. Choose brushed or corten steel. Troughs are significant for a rustic feel. Add a wooden or earthenware bowl for a zen or tropical garden—plant with water, Lilies, and Irises. Remember to top off the water level regularly.


Landscaper Exeter • Rill

If your garden has enough space, consider choosing a gentle water feature. Rills can be a great option as they allow the water to flow smoothly from one part of your garden design to another.



Landscaper Exeter • Fountains

Love informal fountains and water features? Use natural materials like granite, sandstone, and steel. Soften with planting. Drilling boulders are used for zen/traditional gardens, steel spheres are used for contemporary design, and the millstone is dressed for a classic feel. Don’t drill boulders yourself; it’s hard work and risky.



Landscaper Exeter • Water features ⋅ construction 

 Water features require a pump, pond hose, valve, sump, grill, water feature, and pebbles/boulders. The sump holds the water and can be hidden/buried. A pump inside the sump is connected to the water feature with a hose. Add a valve to control water flow. Solar pumps work for small features. Sumps may need topping up. Cover the grill with rocks. Bamboo canes conceal the grill for a tropical feel.


Landscaper Exeter • Pumps & filters 

Add hidden filtration systems with a pump and UVC lamp for small projects. For more extensive water features, use a dedicated filtration system. Use timers to filter daily. Soften with plants. Hide with shingle and rocks. Choose compact plants…


Contemporary Garden Design Plants • Landscaper Exeter

⋅Box Hedging • Landscaper Exeter

⋅ Hebes • Landscaper Exeter

⋅ Lavender • Landscaper Exeter


– If you’re looking to create a beautiful garden, consider these design options:


Zen Garden Design • Landscaper Exeter

Zen garden design: with tropical plants like phormiums, bamboo, agapanthus, and fatsia japonica, Landscaper Exeter


Prairie Garden Design • Landscaper Exeter

Prairie garden design, with grasses like Stipa, miscanthus and Carex, along with Rudbeckia, helenium, and echinacea • Landscaper Exeter


Colorful with plants like Achillea, Stipa, Echinops, and Pennisetum, Landscaper Exeter

– You can also add a water feature or create a topiary garden, Landscaper Exeter








Date: June 28, 2023