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    Need help with your Garden Design Exeter? Look no further than Exeter Landscapes! With years of experience, we can transform gardens of any size in Exeter and Devon.


    Garden Design Exeter • Costs 

    We’re happy to visit your site for free and give advice on your landscaping Exeter. We can often provide a detailed quote without needing a formal design.

    We always offer Detailed quotes and can share phone references from our past happy customers. Our garden design services include scaled plans, planting schemes, and project costings.


    Landscaping Exeter Paving • Decking • Hedges  

    In Exeter, we specialize in stone paving and landscaping Exeter, offering a variety of materials for pathways and decking. Our landscaping services include hedges, turf, artificial grass, sleepers, retaining walls, drainage, and soil improvement.


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    Landscaping Exeter


     Landscaping Exeter • Garden Design Guides

    Explore our fantastic and informative guides on Garden Design Exeter.


    Garden Design Exeter • Guides

    Get inspired and include critical elements like paving, lawns, and beds. Pick a garden theme—contemporary, traditional, or urban zen.

    Make a plan that outlines materials and plants for your Garden Design Exeter.


    Get Started • Lawns ∙ Patios ∙ Raised Beds • Decorative Fencing • Prairie


    Traditional Garden Design • Contemporary • Tropical & Zen Garden Design



    Garden Design Exeter • Get Started

    When designing your dream garden, start by thinking about what you want. Do some research and make a plan or sketch. Choose a theme and pick plants and materials that go well together.


    1# Get Inspired • Garden Design

    Get inspiration from different sources, like Pinterest, books, magazines, or visiting gardens. Remember to consider your space and budget.



    2# Local Companies • Create A Plan

    Choose companies that work locally and have great service. Do they have a paving team, a decking team, an artificial grass team, a turfing team or a maintenance team?

    Divide your garden into areas that suit you. Create a detailed sketch with labels for plants, features, focal points, and materials to help visualize its appearance for your Garden Design  Exeter.


    Lawns ∙ Patios ∙ Raised Beds • Decorative Fencing

    Include various features in your garden design, like lawns, stone seating areas, and raised beds with decorative slatted fences.

    Lawns are ideal for kids and pets, or you can opt for low maintenance with an artificial property. Great for any Garden Design  Exeter.


    1# Garden Design Exeter • Traditional

    A traditional Garden Design Exeter would be a great fit if you have a period-style property . You’ll want to use quality traditional materials and opt for formal or cottage-style planting.

    Here’s how you can create a classic Garden Design Exeter:

    • Incorporate formal lines in your back garden design, Exeter.

    • Use sandstone slate paving services in your Landscaping Exeter.

    • Create sleeper beds for planting in your back garden, Garden Design Exeter

    • Include box plants, alliums, and bay trees in your landscaping Exeter.


    2# Garden Design Exeter • Contemporary

    To create a modern garden, you can add smooth curves, relaxed plants, granite and porcelain paving, a slatted fence, and a mix of grasses, phormiums, bay trees and alliums.


    Block White Rendered Wall

    White-rendered walls can also be included to enhance the overall look. These work well in any garden design theme. Choose porcelain for years worth of pleasure in your Garden Design  Exeter.


    3# Garden Design Exeter •  Tropical & Zen Garden Design

    You can transform your garden in Exeter into a tropical oasis by incorporating vibrant and lush plants and luxurious materials like hardwood decking. To add a relaxed and informal touch, consider using raised beds made of sleepers and incorporating water features.


    Lush Tropical Planting

    Plant options are palms, fatsia, crocosmia, and tree ferns. Each plant will work well on any project or job. Check out polar landscaping and Mango Landscapers & gardeners.


    4# Garden Design Exeter • Zen Urban 

    Create a peaceful meditation spot in your garden with a laid-back, natural style. Use reclaimed materials, wooden structures, and traditional stones for a Zen garden in Exeter.


    Plants • Texture • Foliage • Form

    Choose plants with interesting textures and limited colours, like bamboo, shield ferns, mango, phormiums, and agapanthus. Each plant will work well on any project or job for your Garden Design Exeter.


    5# Garden Design Exeter • Prairie

    Plant a laid-back and colourful garden with grouped grasses like miscanthus, carex, and stipa. Choose plants of different heights and textures, including pastel shades like crocosmia, kniphofia, mango, rudbeckia, hebes, echinops, and rudbeckia.


    Pathways & Decking

    Use sandstone for pathways and decking. Thanks to their shape and foliage, each will work well on any project or job for your Landscaping Exeter.


    6# Garden Design Exeter • Add Raised Beds

    Create a relaxing space with a patio and install cables for zone lighting. For growing fruits and vegetables, use raised beds with oak sleepers.


    Climbers • Fences • Jasmine

    Enhance privacy with climbers on fences and add decorative slatted walls for an aesthetic touch. Others include clematis and white jasmine! Giving your years worth of pleasure for your Garden Design Exeter and Landscaping Exeter.

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    Garden Design

    Landscaping Exeter • Concrete Paving

    Choosing the right paving and patio slabs can transform your garden into a beautiful outdoor space. We offer concrete paving in various styles, from traditional to contemporary, which is easy to install and clean.


    Block Paving • Quotes

    Block paving is durable and great for paths and driveways. Granite blocks look great on a driveway. Block paving is great for a driveway but also for creating lawn edging.

    Let us help you find the perfect choice for your professional job. Contact us today for a free quote for Garden Design Exeter.


    Landscaping Exeter • Natural Stone Paving 

    Select your stone product: classic sandstone, modern granite, or luxurious limestone. Pick a pattern, and start laying and pointing your paving.


    Sandstone Paving • Slate • Granite • Pointing


    Landscaping Exeter: Picking A Natural Stone

    Sandstone natural paving products suit contemporary and traditional Exeter gardens, offering more excellent value than plain concrete.


    Granite • Slate • Porcelain

    Others like slate, granite, and porcelain also work well for both styles, with some finishes and laying patterns leaning towards a more contemporary look. Great for any paving job. Book a consultation today for Garden Design Exeter.


    1# Sandstone Paving • Landscaping Exeter • Garden Design

    Sandstone paving is affordable, accessible to lay, and comes in various shades and finishes. Use it for seating areas or paths in your Exeter garden for a contemporary or traditional look.


    Kandula Grey • Single Sized

    It works well in large patterns like Kandula grey (900mm x 600mm) or an offset, two-stone pattern (600mm x 300mm and 600mm x 600mm). Great for paving projects, always getting a positive review. Book a consultation today for your Landscaping Exeter.


    2# Landscaping Exeter • Garden Design – Slate

     Slate works well in traditional-style gardens. Slate is rich in colour and is exceptionally stain-resistant. It looks great in front-of-the-house projects. It’s got a subtle natural sheen And doesn’t need sealing. Creating porches and paths for your paving job.

    Slate always creates an amazing job, thanks to its great finish! Slate is a favourite of landscape contractors in Exeter.


    Exterior Grade Tiles • Bridge Bonds

    Always make sure you lay the exterior-grade stone as the thinner interior stones. It can be prone to frost. Using a bridge bond on the underside of your slate paving is also a good idea. To help the slate stick to the mortar bed.  For your Landscaping Exeter and Garden Design Exeter.


    3#  Landscaping Exeter • Garden Design Exeter – Granite

    Granite paving is durable and modern, perfect for Exeter gardens. The large grey stones enhance contemporary designs. Use a diamond-tipped angle grinder blade for cutting, and apply SBR primer or bridge bond slurry for better adhesion to the mortar bed.

    A great job, always getting a positive review. Check out London Stone for great houzz reviews, and great staff.  Great Landscaping Exeter.


    Garden Design Exeter • Pointing

    Skip the kneeling and rain worries. Opt for a resilient jointing compound—easy to apply on patios and paths in any weather. It’s crack-resistant, thwarts weeds, and won’t shrink over time.

    Be cautious around water features and wash off natural oils from stone paving with sufficient water. It’s a slow job but worth it for a professional job for your landscaping Exeter.

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    Landscaping Exeter Company Porcelain Paving Guide  

    Porcelain paving looks fantastic, comes in various shades and finishes, and is durable and stain-resistant. It’s relatively easy to lay yourself, widely available for purchase, and easy to clean. Great for any patio job!


    Garden Design Exeter • Getting Started with Porcelain

    Durable and resistant to stains, porcelain paving is an artificial material in various colours and textures, making it ideal for creating stylish outdoor area. Originating from Europe, India, and China, this versatile material can be moulded into various forms.


    Contemporary • Scratch-Resistant 

    With easy cleaning and maintenance, porcelain is a contemporary option for creating timeless designs, offering robust and scratch-resistant tiles for everyday use. Great for paving jobs, always getting a positive review and rating! A product for dream gardens!


    Landscaping Exeter • Laying Your Porcelain Tiles.

    Exercise caution when handling porcelain paving due to its fragile nature. Establish a flat, well-drained base using crushed concrete (at least 75mm). Ensure a secure grip by applying a bonding agent like SBR.

    Adhere to professional advice and guidelines for your patio project. When laying the paving, use a 50mm mortar bed and a final layer of 20 to 25mm for stones or tiles. Check out London Stone for great houzz reviews & clients rating for a great result; these guys have great clientele.


    Landscaping Exeter: Adding Mortar

    Level the base, wet it, compact it and rake it. Mix water, cement, sharp sand (in a 1:3 ratio of soft to sharp sand), and a small amount of plasticizer for easy laying—Pre-mix water and plasticizer for optimal results. Porcelain always gets a great houzz review & clients rating.

    Unique facts: Use a wet cutting saw with the appropriate blade when working with stones on site—a must for experienced workers and garden designers for a great result.


    Landscaping Exeter: Buying Porcelain Tiles and Garden supplies

    Choose colours and textures based on your liking, but make sure the stone feels high-quality for long-lasting appeal. Porcelain always has a reputation for high standards of finish in the industry, for experienced workers, and for a great result. Check out the guys at London Stone—great porcelain prices for their garden design Exeter clientele.


    Good manufacturers use classic colours and natural finishes that show skill and dedication. Be wary of a cheap look, as it often means low quality. Some manufacturers use cheap fillers that can lead to problems over time, like chipping or cracking, on paving jobs on site. Great for garden designers for Landscaping Exeter.

    Stones are made in batches, so sticking to one batch for consistent colour and texture is better. Be cautious with end-of-line deals, and make sure you have enough paving stones for your project with some extras for cuts and breakages.

    Keep a few spare stones & bits in case of chips or cracks later on. Check out Polar Landscapers, mango and Polar Landscaping, and friendly staff.


    Are -End Of Line Sales A Risky Move • Garden Supplies

    Staining issues from the mortar bed may emerge later. While contractors can replace some tiles, a dilemma arises if the discounted end-of-line tile is permanently out of stock. Substituting with the next best option leads to noticeable variations, and the expensive alternative is replacing the entire patio and skipping the mortar bed!

    Check out the guys at London Stone for a lot of great Houzz clients, reviews, and friendly staff. These guys have great service and clientele. Great materials for Landscaping Exeter  and Garden Design Exeter.


    Cleaning Porcelain Paving · Exeter Landscapes Garden Design

    It’s highly non-porous, making it extremely resistant to stains. If you spill oil on your porcelain paving, wipe it off with a cloth and clean it with a lot of water to restore it to its original condition. A great job, easy cleaning for Garden Design Exeter.


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    Landscaping Exeter: Decking

    Options include hardwood & softwood deckingDecking is great for a tropical garden design. Extend the partying into the night. Add recessed LED lighting—a great addition to your decking job.


    Mill Board Exeter • Southern Timber Decking Supplies • Turfing & Artificial Grass Company


    Decking Options • landscape gardeners • Garden Design Exeter

    Softwood decking is affordable and comes in smooth or ridged boards. Smooth boards offer a classic boardwalk feel, while grooved boards are great for wet conditions with anti-slip properties. Unique facts: Composite decking is a durable, man-made option in various colours and finishes, including faux timber. Check out Polar Landscaping & gardeners. They do an amazing job. Friendly guys, great ideas, Landscaping Exeter.


    Mill Board Exeter • Landscaping Exeter • Garden Design Exeter

    Mill Board is a top-tier choice in the composite decking category. Hardwood decking is luxurious with rich colours, lasting a long time, and slightly more expensive than softwood but comparable to composite decking. Perfect for a luxury job, for Landscaping Exeter and Garden Design Exeter!


    Garden Design Exeter • Southern Timber Decking Supplies

    Thanks to Southern Timber, great garden supplies for landscape gardeners friendly staff who take pride in their service. Great customer review. These guys take care of all our timber—a great level of service. And know a lot about timber great clientele. Great products for your Garden Design Exeter.

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    Garden Design Exeter • Turfing & Artificial Grass Company

    Give your garden a stunning makeover with our premium turf, or enjoy the convenience of low-maintenance beauty with artificial grass. Elevate your outdoor area now, and create the garden of your dreams.


    Why Artificial Grass • Problem Gardens • How To Install Artificial Grass • Edging


    Turfing Your Garden • Landscaping Exeter

    If you want to improve your garden in Exeter, consider re-turfing your lawn. Ensure the ground is level, add good topsoil for a strong start, and use edging options like metal EverEdge, timber, or natural stone setts for a neat way to finish your gardening job.  Great for a Garden Design Exeter. Turfing can be carried out during most months of the year.


    Why Artificial Grass • Garden Designer Exeter • Design Landscaping.

    Artificial grass looks real all year, and it’s great for kids and pets. Say goodbye to mowing and winter mud—install a low-maintenance, free-draining artificial lawn: no feeding, no mowing, no weeds, and no watering in the hot summer months.



    Check out RBG’s great garden supplies and great staff. Guys take pride in their service. Always supply quality Landscaping Exeter and Garden Design Exeter.


    Artificial Grass Problem Gardens • Landscaping Exeter

    Artificial grass is perfect for sloping gardens, preventing dry patches and waterlogging. Steep slopes are tricky to mow, and natural grass can lead to drainage and moss issues. Opting for artificial grass is a practical solution. It’s way easier for a great Garden Design Exeter.


    How To Install Artificial Grass • Garden Designer Exeter • Design Landscaping

    Subbase: Ensure a robust foundation with crushed concrete or MOT to prevent artificial grass from sinking and provide excellent drainage for your landscaping Exeter.


    Grano Dust: Add this fine dust to the top layer of crushed concrete for a smooth, level finish to your subbase for your Landscaping Exeter.

    Unique facts: Weed Membrane: Does exactly what it says on the tin, allowing water to pass through. ed.  Also great for planting beds, for your garden design, Exeter.


    Edging: Define your artificial grass and secure its edges with stone setts, concrete, or EverEdge options. Ed.  A great Landscaping Exeter product.


    Landscaping Exeter: Add An Edge To Your Artificial Grass

    Define your lawn and beds in Exeter by adding natural stone edging. Choose sandstone setts, planks, or silver granite for a classic look, or go contemporary with metal EverEdge. Create straight lines for a traditional garden or organic curves for a modern feel. Ed.

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    Garden Design Exeter • Hedges

    Adding plants to your garden can boost privacy by covering up eyesores and blocking views from neighbours. Options like climbers, hedges, or big shrubs work well for this. Fast-growing hedges quickly create privacy, but they need more care.


    Pot · Whip · Bareroot Planting A Hedge

    Deciduous varieties, like hawthorn and beech, lose leaves in winter. Evergreen hedges like yew, laurel, and photinia stay green all year. However, be cautious with pruning, especially for yew, to prevent permanent gaps. Check out the RHS Society for inspiration.


    Landscaping Exeter: Pot · Whip · Bareroot 

    You can choose pot-grown plants with a robust root system for year-round planting, but they’re a bit more expensive. Alternatively, bare-root whips are cost-effective and available from November to May, though there’s a 10% non-survival rate. For a budget-friendly option, go for bare-root plants grown in fields from April to November with bound roots in mesh, retaining some soil.


    Landscaping Exeter: Planting A Hedge

    Dig a trench for your hedge, put in compost and the plants. Stack soil on boards, and consider hiring a mini digger for a more straightforward job. Add compost and hedging feed for better soil, or mix fish, blood, and bone. Check out the RHS Society for inspiration.


    Watering Your Hedge ∙ Exeter Landscapes ∙ Garden Designs

    Constantly water your hedge well, especially in hot months. Evergreen hedges, like yew, need a lot of water to prevent scorching. Before planting, soak the plants in a big bucket of water. Use a leaky hose or a tree relief watering ring to water your new hedge and reach the roots bit.


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    Garden Design Exeter • Testimonials

    At Exeter Landscapes, we’ve designed a variety of gardens, from contemporary to traditional and tropical. Explore testimonials from our satisfied customers to learn more.


    The quality of the workmanship and the finish of every detail were first-class. They were always polite, courteous and a pleasure to deal with. We can’t recommend them highly enough—many thanks. I am always amazed by the dramatic difference Mark & Chris achieved in our garden. Within a very compact amount of time. They are truly hard-working, efficient, and effective. Many Thanks!”

    Marion Cooke ⋅ Garden Design Exeter

    I recommend these guys very highly. Friendly, reliable, and of good value for the full design and construction service. They have some creative and exciting ideas, which I have seen work in extensive gardens. They made the very most of our own smaller space. Many thanks!

    Mark Walker ⋅ Garden Design Exeter


    We are incredibly pleased with our landscaping. Mark understood our requirements from the start, and their enthusiasm and attention to detail were reflected in the result. Many thanks

    Hannah Mercer ⋅ Garden Design Exeter


    Find A Landscape Gardener Contractors

    Do you research when finding a local company, such as Polor Landscaping or Magos? Do they have positive reviews? Do they do an Amazon job? Do they provide quotes? Do they offer the proper gardening & landscaping services? What level of service do they provide? Check out polar and mango, polar landscaping.


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