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Exeter Landscape Gardeners delivers outstanding hard landscaping services in Exeter, employing top-tier materials and skilled craftsmanship. We are a ‘design and build’ landscaping company with a passion for creating outdoor living spaces. Providing on-site consultations, comprehensive written quotations, product samples


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Hard Landscaping Services

Our expertise extends from residential to commercial properties across Exeter and the surrounding region. We specialize in a range of hard landscaping installations


Pathways • Stairs • Patios • Fences • Groundwork • Drainage systems • Driveways • Decking

And much more!


How does a garden design-build work in Exeter?

At Exeter landscape gardeners, we handle every aspect of garden design and construction. Our unique design-build ensures that our designs are exceptional and our builds run smoothly.


Budgets • Keeping It In-House

We pride ourselves on our dedicated staff, who work together as a team to complete projects on time and within budget without needing external contractors. With our Design-Build Approach, customers can change their projects as they see fit. This flexibility allows for a genuinely personalized garden design experience.


Landscaping Exeter

Landscaping advice in Exeter with free site visits.

Our Exeter landscape gardeners offer complimentary site visits where we are more than willing to provide free landscaping advice and give you a detailed quote for each job.


Hard Landscaping Guide Exeter


Our team’s Exeter landscape gardeners can choose slate, granite, or Sandstone for their paving job. The work requires careful selection of materials. You can also choose porcelain for your gardener’s job, which is durable and resistant to stains.


Raised Beds • Hardwood Sleepers • Softwood Sleepers • Block  & Render Walls

Natural Stone Paving •  Slate • Granite • Sandstone 

Decking • Softwood • Hardwood Composite Decking

Artificial Grass Installation 



Landscaping Exeter

Fencing • Raised Beds • Quality Materials

For Exeter landscape gardeners looking for fencing options, there are choices like feather edge, close board, hit and miss, or lap panels that can be used for their work. If you want to add a raised bed, Exeter landscape gardeners can choose between softwood or long-lasting oak. It’s a job that requires teamwork to create an amazing job—creating dream gardens with high standards. We understand the importance of having the right garden supplies for your dreams.


Landscaping Exeter: Add Paving · Block paving

You have a variety of options when it comes to selecting materials for your landscaping in Exeter. From luxurious slate to budget-friendly sandstone, durable granite, and easy-to-maintain porcelain, plenty of choices are available to suit your needs.


1# Slate natural stone paving • Landscape Gardeners Exeter

slate a fantastic addition to any garden, bringing a touch of sophistication to both contemporary and traditional Landscaping theme in Exeter.


Slate Stain Resistant

It looks stunning, boasts excellent stain resistance, and can be effortlessly cleaned by our team of Exeter landscape gardeners at work. It can work well for the driveway. Polar Landscaping Landscaping does an excellent professional job in Exeter.


2# Granite natural stone paving • Landscape Gardeners Exeter

Granite is an excellent choice for landscape gardeners in Exeter who are looking for durable and robust materials for their projects. This type of paving is capable of withstanding the toughest demands and is perfect for team projects. It adds a modern touch to any outdoor space and looks stunning when laid in uniformly sized square shapes.

Pathways • Walkways

You can use granite to create a pathway or walkway in your garden, adding both functionality and charm to your outdoor space. Additionally, granite setts can work well for a driveway. If you’re looking for professional landscaping services in Exeter, Polar Landscaping Garden is an excellent choice.


3# Sandstone natural stone paving • Landscape Gardeners Exeter

Sandstone is an excellent choice for residential and commercial work. It is visually appealing and provides a cost-effective solution for outdoor spaces.


Choose From Smooth Or Riven Stone

It comes in two work options: a traditional riven stone or a smooth contemporary style. Large single sizes are available for those aiming for a modern garden design.


Go Traditional • Four Sized Mixed Pattern

On the other hand, if you prefer a more traditional look, there are four sizes of mixed patterns. It always gets a positive review from our staff and clientele. Our clientele always give it a great review. Our workers always care for Sandstone; it is a pleasure to work with and lasts for years.


3# Porcelain paving • Landscape Gardeners Exeter

Porcelain is a tough and stain-resistant material that is manufactured. If you accidentally spill oil on it, you can wipe it down and clean the patio with water.


Choose Contemporary Or Modern Finishes

It comes in various colours and finishes, ranging from contemporary to traditional in appearance. It always works well; we use it a lot. Clients consistently give the product a top rating and a positive review. It looks excellent with an artificial lawn.


Add Fencing • Exeter landscape gardeners.

Put up a fence in your garden to make a boundary and give you privacy. It will keep your neighbours away and stop burglars from entering your property through the back of the garden. The fence will also keep unwanted animals out and protect your pets.


Feather edge fencing • Landscape Gardeners Exeter

It is great for Landscaping in Exeter. It’s a fast and efficient option for long fences. It’s great for gardens with uneven ground or slopes. It has a traditional look, adding a classic touch to outdoor spaces. It always gets a positive rating from landscape contractors. It’s time and tested and works well. Clients consistently give the product a top rating.


Closed Board Fence Panels • Landscape Gardeners Exeter

They have a similar appearance to feather edge panels. These panels come in an easy-to-install form and can be used with softwood timber or concrete posts. They also provide the convenience of easily swapping out old worn panels for new ones later—great garden supplies for our Landscaping services in Exeter. Polar landscaping Landscaping and Mango always do a great job professionally in Exeter.


Hit & miss panel • Landscape Gardeners Exeter

Horizontal or vertical slatted designs. Others include woven slats. A lot of clientele love the result.


Lap panels • Landscape Gardeners Exeter

These are common in many gardens and are the most cost-effective and budget-friendly option for fencing garden supplies. Clients consistently give the product a top rating and review thanks to its cost.


2# Raised Beds with Sleepers • Exeter Landscaping

If your garden needs to be draining well, one way to improve it is by building a raised bed using sleepers. You have the option of using treated softwood sleepers or green oak sleepers.

Rubble For Drainage

Placing a lot of broken bricks or rubble at the bottom of the sleeper bed before adding soil is recommended to ensure proper drainage.


3# Decking • Exeter landscape gardeners

Decking is a more laid-back and rustic option compared to paving. It is especially suitable for gardens with uneven terrain or slopes and provides a natural pathway from your bifold doors.


Softwood Decking

Softwood decking is affordable and easy to install. It is treated to protect against water damage and insects.


Hardwood Decking

On the other hand, hardwood decking offers a rich and luxurious appearance with its beautiful grain and colour. It features simple, chunky boards that give your garden a boardwalk-like feel.


5# Artifical Grass • Exeter landscape gardeners

Why not replace your lawn with artificial grass if you have a small garden? It looks realistic and stays beautiful all year round. Plus, it’s low maintenance – no more dealing with weeds, mowing, or watering. Artificial grass is especially great for tricky lawns on slopes, shady areas, and lawns with many drainage problems for Landscaping in Exeter.


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Landscape Gardeners Exeter

Landscaping • Landscape Gardener • Exeter


Exeter Landscaping: A Guide to Soft Landscaping


Landscape Gardeners Exeter: Turf • Levelling & Terracing

Exeter landscape gardeners offer a turfing service and landscaping in Devon. We can assist with various aspects of turfing, such as re-turfing, levelling, and terracing. Additionally, we provide guidance and support for drainage problems. We offer a range of great garden supplies.


Planting • Drainage • Leveling • Retaining Walls Turfing • Clay Removal Service • Soil Improvement • Barking


Why Landscaping in Exeter is Beneficial

There are many advantages to landscaping your garden. It can increase the worth of your property, create a calm environment, improve air quality, and attract wildlife.


Increase Your Property Value.

• Create a relaxing & Peaceful Environment.

• Improve Air Quality.

• Encourage Wildlife.


Choosing The Best Landscape Gardener


Experience • Skills • Portfolio • Reputation • Communications Skills


1# Garden Landscaping in Exeter: Property’s Value and Attractiveness

A well-planned garden or outdoor space can significantly increase the worth of your home. Potential buyers or renters are usually drawn to properties that offer appealing outdoor areas. A landscaped back garden will give you years of enjoyment.


2# Garden Landscaping in Exeter: Create a Peaceful Environment

Having a calm and tranquil garden is priceless. It provides a perfect escape for unwinding and destressing after a tiring day. You can create a warm, welcoming ambience that encourages relaxation and rejuvenation thanks to water features, lush plants, and cosy seating areas.


3# Garden Landscaping in Exeter: Improve Air Quality

Soft Garden Landscaping in Exeter can be a great solution to tackle the issues of air and noise pollution. One of the benefits of having trees in your surroundings is their ability to purify the air by absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Additionally, various plants can serve as natural barriers, providing privacy and reducing noise levels around your property. Great for your gardening and Landscaping in Exeter.


4# Garden Landscaping in Exeter: Native plants, biodiversity & wildlife.

Adding native plants to your Landscaping can be beneficial for wildlife. Great for birds, butterflies, bees, and insects. Doing so helps maintain a healthy and thriving environment for these creatures and contributes to the overall well-being of the natural ecosystem.


Landscape Gardeners Exeter: Unique Facts: Worms are great for back gardening compost bins. They love mango!

Landscape Gardeners Exeter: Unique Facts: Birds look at trees with winterberries and mango.

Landscape Gardeners Exeter: Unique Facts: Barking an area keeps moisture and the weeds at bay!


Choosing the best garden Landscaping company in Exeter

When choosing a garden Landscaping company in Exeter, consider their experience and skills. Look at landscape contractors portfolios and reputations. Remember, pay to be listed on Houzz for Landscaping in Exeter


1# Experience • Landscape • Gardeners Exeter

Experienced garden designers have extensive knowledge about the most suitable plants for your soil and the irrigation systems required. Experience in constructing gardens, both large and small. Do they take pride in the work? How long have you been in the industry? Polar Landscaping Landscaping Mango does a great professional job in Exeter—a great landscape gardener.


2# Skills Landscape • Landscape • Gardeners Exeter

Exeter Garden Landscaping professionals have the required level of experience when carrying out a range of tasks, including laying paving, block paving, constructing decking and fencing, and installing both natural and synthetic grass. Polar Landscaping Landscaping Mango does a great professional job in Exeter—a great landscape gardener.


3# Portfolio • Landscape • Gardeners Exeter

Look at their past work to see if you like their style and quality. Does it match your taste and style? Are they good landscape gardeners in Exeter?


4# Reputation • Landscape • Gardeners Exeter

Does the landscape gardener have a good local reputation? Read online reviews or ask friends and neighbours who have used their services. A reliable company will have happy customers if they leave a positive review. Do the end with many thanks for their Landscaping projects in Exeter.


5# Communication• Landscape • Gardeners Exeter

Good communication is always essential when working on Landscaping in Exeter. Ensure the company listens to you and talks about things like when they’ll finish, how much it will cost, and any problems that might arise. Remember to pay to be listed on Houzz. It’s got a lot of local Exeter landscape gardeners for Exeter.


Essential Questions to Ask a Landscape Gardener in Exeter

1. What experience do you have in Landscaping in Exeter?

2. Can you provide references or examples of previous work?

4. What is your approach to designing and planning a theme?


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Exeter Landscaping Costs


Decoding Landscaping Costs in Exeter

When looking for Landscaping services in Exeter, get multiple quotes and ask for a detailed breakdown of costs instead of just a rough estimate. Also, think about the maintenance expenses when deciding.


Costing Your Project • Budget • Serval Quotes • Detailed Costings • Maintenance Costs


• Why Are Some Projects Expensive



1# Costs: Getting Started • Landscape • Gardeners Exeter

The price of Landscaping in Exeter can differ based on factors like the size, design, materials utilized, and any extra features. Exeter landscape gardeners have different ways to determine the cost of landscaping, such as fixed pricing, hourly rates, or a cost-plus approach.


2# How to Budget Your Landscaping Project Better In Exeter

To budget for your Landscaping project in Exeter, follow these tips: Decide what’s most important to you and allocate your money accordingly. If you have little money, do the project in smaller parts over time. This way, you can still progress without spending all your money simultaneously.


Get Multiple Quotes • Landscape • Gardeners Exeter

Get quotes from different Exeter landscape gardeners to compare prices and services. It will help you choose based on your budget. Check their reviews on Houzz.


Ask for a Detailed Breakdown • Landscape • Gardeners Exeter

Ask the Exeter landscape gardeners how much each service costs. This will help you know what’s included in the estimate and avoid surprises.


Consider Long-Term Maintenance Costs • Landscape • Gardeners Exeter

Factors in ongoing maintenance costs when budgeting for your Exeter Landscaping project in Exeter. Some designs may require more upkeep than others. When selecting a Landscaping company in Exeter, it’s essential to consider these factors. They will help ensure that your outdoor area undergoes a stunning transformation. Check Houzz.


3# What Makes Landscaping Projects Expensive in Exeter?

The cost of Landscaping in Exeter for any project can vary depending on several factors. Some key factors that influence overall costs include:


Size of the area • Landscape • Gardeners Exeter

Larger areas require more materials, labour, and time, which can increase costs.


The complexity of design theme • Landscape • Gardeners Exeter

Landscaping in Exeter can become more expensive if you opt for intricate designs with unique features or structures. The cost of materials will also increase as you require more of them for such designs.


Materials used • Landscape • Gardeners Exeter

The Landscaping cost in Exeter depends on your chosen materials, like plants, stones, and decking.


Site conditions • Landscape • Gardeners Exeter

If the site has problems like inadequate drainage or uneven ground, it will cost


Access • Landscape • Gardeners Exeter

Hard-to-reach places might need special tools or more workers, costing it more.


4# Plan your Landscaping goals and create a plan for Exeter.

Make a plan for your Landscaping project to save time, money, and effort. Start by deciding what you want to achieve. Then, draw a design on paper or use online tools to see how it will look. Consider which plants to choose, what kind of hardscaping you want, and if you want extras like water or lights.

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Planning your Landscaping project in Exeter


Creating themed gardens (e.g., Japanese garden, Mediterranean garden)

Exeter landscape gardeners can make themed gardens if you want a unique garden. They can create a calm Japanese garden or a colourful Mediterranean-style oasis just like you want. They are starting a great design job!


Clearing The Decks • Choosing Plants


Start landscaping your garden in Exeter.


1# Clearing the Decks • Landscape • Gardeners Exeter

once you have a garden design, it’s time to prepare the site for construction. The first job is clearing the area and ensuring it is ready for the following stages. After that, the ground levels need to be adequately graded to ensure a smooth and even surface. Lastly, preparing the soil before planting or Landscaping in Exeter is essential. Create a great job!


2# Choosing Your Plants • Landscape • Gardeners Exeter

When planting, choose plants that arebThink about things like how much sun they need, what kind of soil they like, and how much water they require. Ensure you plant them correctly so they stay healthy for a long time. A thorough job!


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FAQs • Landscaping Exeter


How long does a typical Landscaping project in Exeter take?

The time it takes to finish a Landscaping project depends on how big the garden is, how complicated the design is, and what the weather is like in Exeter. Talk to your Exeter landscape gardeners before determining how long it will take. For the landscape garden to complete your project in Exeter.


Can I incorporate sustainable elements into my Landscaping in Exeter?

Sustainable Landscaping is becoming increasingly popular in Exeter. People are incorporating rainwater systems, native plants to promote biodiversity, permeable paving for effective water management, energy-efficient lighting, and designated areas for composting.


Maintenance • Property Value • Testimonials 



How do I maintain my landscaped garden in Exeter?

Taking care of your garden throughout the year is essential to keep it looking beautiful. It involves regular tasks such as watering, mowing, weeding, fertilizing, and pruning. We always select low-maintenance plants and are happy to provide a schedule for their upkeep. Additionally, consider adding artificial grass to your garden. Our staff can create a great level in your back garden.


Can Landscaping increase the value of my property in Exeter?

Absolutely! When it comes to Landscaping in Exeter, you must recognize the impact it can have on the value of your property. A well-designed outdoor space not only enhances the overall look of your home but also creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that can catch the attention of potential buyers or renters. Add a Landscaping job in Exeter!


Testimonials • Landscape • Gardeners Exeter

“The quality of the workmanship and the finish of every detail was first class. They were always polite, courteous and a pleasure to deal with. We can’t recommend them highly enough. They are truly hard-working, efficient and effective. Many thanks – A great job!” – Marion Cooke


“I would highly recommend using Mark and the team. Mark came up with some great ideas to transform the front and rear of our property. We left the project with him. I went on holiday and returned to a fantastic job. Well above our expectations. A pleasure” – Many Thanks” – Miles


“I recommend Exeter landscape gardeners! Excellent Landscaping Service, an amazing job in Exeter. Many thanks! ” – Liz Benson


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