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We’re a landscaping company based in Devon that specializes in creating stunning outdoor spaces. Our dedicated team is here to help you turn your garden dreams into reality. Whether you already have some ideas or need inspiration, we’ve covered you. We offer free site visits and quotes with no obligation. Let us bring your dream garden to life!


Inspiration • Garden Design Devon Guides

Looking for inspiration for your garden design? Check out our Garden Design Guides or take a look at our frequently asked questions about Garden Design!


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Garden Designer • Design Devon

Our garden design services include conducting site surveys, creating garden design plans, and developing planting schemes in Devon. We also offer landscaping services such as paving, decking, constructing raised beds, laying turf, and installing artificial grass.


Garden Design Devon

Garden Design • Designer Devon • Composite Decking


Design<>Build • Devon

At Exeter Landscapes, we care for our gardens’ design and construction. Our Garden Design Build Service ensures that our gardens are built to a high standard, with a smooth and efficient process, in Devon. We pride ourselves on delivering garden designs completed on time and within budget.


Garden Design Devon

Garden Design Devon • Scaled Drawings


Garden Design Guides Devon • Getting Started

Start by taking it slow and considering your main ideas for your garden design . Take the time to survey the site, looking at factors like sunlight, soil quality, and wind patterns. Once you have that information, choose the elements that will make up your garden design, such as the hard landscaping and any plans you have.

Consider your budget, preferred style, available space, and sustainability when making these choices. Finally, bring it all together by creating a sketch or plan of your Devon garden design.

Why not get an Devon garden designer to do the hard work for you! Designing a beautiful garden involves following certain principles that ensure your space is visually appealing and practical. Help you create a stunning garden design. Book a consultation, for your Garden Design,  with a local garden designer!


Garden Design Devon • Key Ideas

Before putting pen to paper, it is a good idea to think about balance, proportion and Harmony in your garden design. When designing your garden in Devon, make sure it looks balanced and symmetrical. Formal Devon garden designs are even and symmetrical, while contemporary gardens can be uneven. The main goal is to have a visually pleasing garden design.


Garden designer Devon: proportion & design

Our Devon garden designs are meticulously planned to ensure everything is proportioned perfectly. To create a cohesive and visually appealing space, we harmonize various design elements, such as plants, pathways, structures, and water features.


Garden designer Devon: harmony & design

Creating Harmony involves unifying various elements within the garden design to create a cohesive and visually pleasing whole. In Devon, gardens often achieve Harmony by using complementary colours, textures, and materials that work together seamlessly, in our designs. This results in unity and tranquillity within the outdoor space, and Ed. Add Harmony to your garden design.


Garden Designer Devon • Selecting Elements

When planning your garden design in Devon, choosing the right elements to create a sense of Harmony is important. Each element you select plays a role in your outdoor space’s visual appeal and functionality. Each has aged well over the years. Remember quality materials for your garden.


Garden Designer Devon • Plants & Design

The selection of plants is an important factor in determining the overall look and feel of a garden design in Devon and Ed. Low-maintenance plants will always work well in your garden design, Devon.


Garden Designer Devon • Hard Landscaping Design

Pathways, patios, walls, and pergolas add structure and functionality to gardens as well as aesthetic appeal. Ed. Each will work well in your garden design, Devon.


Garden Designer Devon • Water Features

Its is a common element in gardens, including ponds, fountains, and water sculptures. They bring visual appeal and contribute to a calming and peaceful atmosphere. Years worth of enjoyment for your garden design in Devon.


Garden Designer Devon • Structures Focal Points

To enhance the appearance of our gardens, we can incorporate gazebos, arbours, and trellises. These additions not only provide us with relaxing spots but also assist in the vertical growth of plants. By integrating these structures, our gardens become more visually captivating. Years worth of pleasure in your garden design project in Devon.


Garden Designer Devon • Making The Right Decisions

To make the right decisions, it is important to consider specific factors. Here are a few important things to remember when designing your garden design in Devon:


Budget • Garden Designer Devon

You need to set one for your garden design in Devon.


Get Inspired • Garden Designer Devon

Look for inspiration in magazines, online platforms, and even in other garden design in Devon.


Site conditions • Garden Designer Devon

sunlight , soil type, and drainage. This will help you choose suitable plants and materials for your location, for your garden design in Devon.


Seek professional • Garden Designer Devon

If you’re unsure about certain aspects of your garden design, don’t hesitate to consult with a professional landscaper or garden designer. They can provide valuable insights and expertise for your garden design in Devon.


Start selecting and sourcing • Garden Designer Devon

Begin the process of choosing the specific elements for your garden design. Consider factors such as durability, maintenance requirements, and compatibility with other elements for your garden design Devon.


Garden designer Devon • putting it together: plans

Creating a plan is important Before you start working on your garden. Take some time to make a rough sketch or layout of your garden, showing where each element will go. This will help you visualize how everything will come together. Consider how you want to arrange your garden, the available space, and how everything will fit together in your garden design, Devon.


Things to consider • Garden Designer Devon

The Garden Style: contemporary, traditional, urban zen. Great for any garden design in Devon.


Colours • Garden Designer Devon

Use different shades of a colour or colours that go well together in your garden design in Devon.


Textures • Garden Designer Devon

Select plants and materials to create different textures in your garden design in Devon.


Garden Maintenance • Garden Designer Devon

Choose plants and techniques that are easy to take care of but still look great in any garden design Devon.


Wild Life: Introduce bird feeders, birdbaths, or native plants that attract butterflies to create a vibrant ecosystem within your outdoor space. Get for society and will enhance your garden design in Devon.

Watering: insure your plants receive adequate water without wasting resources. Install rain barrels or consider using drought-tolerant plants that require less frequent watering. Add an irrigation system to your low-maintenance garden design in Devon.


Maximizing Your Space • Garden Design Devon


**Vertical Gardening**: Use trellises, hanging baskets, or wall-mounted planters to maximize space. It looks nice and saves ground space in your designer garden, Devon.

**Container Gardening**: Use containers in small areas like corners or balconies. Place them strategically to create levels and depth in your garden.


**Smart Plant Selection**: Pick plants that work well in small spaces, like compact varieties or trailing plants. This makes sure every inch of your garden is used effectively, in your garden design in Devon.

**Vertical Storage***: Use wall shelves or hooks to keep gardening tools organized and save space, in your garden design in Devon.

***Dual-Purpose Furniture***: select furniture that can be used for different things, like a bench with storage. Save space in your garden design.



Garden Designer Devon • Sustainable Practices in Devon

Make your garden design theme more eco-friendly by incorporating sustainability. Include native plants, practice companion planting composting, attract pollinators, and create a bird-friendly environment and society. Book a consultation today for a great garden design in Devon.


Devon garden design • explore sustainable practices

When you plan your garden design theme in Devon, including sustainable practices is important. Not only does this help the environment, but it also gives your outdoor space a modern feel. It helps save the environment and supports local plants and animals. It’s important for the future for each garden design in Devon.

Garden designer Devon • adding native plants

One important part of a sustainable garden design theme is choosing the right plants. Native plants are the best choice because they help local animals and keep the ecosystem balanced. They are used to the weather and need less water, fertilizer, and pesticides. They also give birds, insects, and other animals a place to eat and live in your designer garden in Devon.


Garden design Devon • companion planting

Gardeners use companion planting to help plants grow better and stay healthy. They put different plants together to keep pests away. For example, if you plant marigolds with vegetables, it can stop bugs without chemicals in your garden design.

Garden designer Devon • composting

Lots of Devon gardeners do composting. Instead of throwing away kitchen scraps and yard waste, they make them into compost that helps their plants grow. Composting reduces waste and stops the need for synthetic fertilizers that can hurt the soil, in your garden design in Devon.


Garden design Devon • attract pollinators

Sustainable gardening helps by attracting bees, butterflies, and birds. These creatures help plants grow and keep the ecosystem healthy. Gardeners can make a home for them by planting flowers that give them food, in your garden design.


Garden designer Devon • be bird friendly

Sustainable garden design often includes bird feeders, birdbaths, and nesting boxes to encourage wildlife to visit and thrive in the area. This not only adds visual interest but also supports the natural balance of the local ecosystem.



How To Create A Traditional Garden

Design an amazing Devon garden perfect for hosting gatherings and unwinding. Enhance the space with paved areas and raised flower beds. Combine natural elements with more formal plantings. Incorporate box hedges, lavender, and olive trees to create a beautiful and inviting atmosphere.


How to design a traditional garden for beginners

Traditional garden design is a classic and beautiful way to create outdoor spaces. It uses natural stone, brick, and wood for paths and walls. Traditional gardens have many pretty flowers, shrubs, and trees, like roses, peonies, and lavender. They look lush and full. Traditional gardens also have a balanced and organized layout with paths and borders that give a sense of order and Harmony.

Garden designer Devon materials traditional

Paving is a popular choice for large garden areas in Devon. Sandstone is a cost-effective option that comes in different colours and sizes. You can lay the sandstone in a three-sized pattern to achieve a traditional look. For a more modern touch, consider using a single-sized pattern. This not only makes the installation process faster but also reduces waste. Using a paving plan can save you time if you have a complex design.


Garden designer Devon raised beds

Raised beds or walls can be easily created using sleepers, which are an affordable option. They don’t require a footing, making installing them quick and simple. Timber posts can also be used for added support, especially for walls and lawn edges.

Garden designer Devon traditional planting ideas

If you want to create a traditional garden design in Devon, there are many plant options. You can incorporate plants like Box Hedging, Beech Hedging, Aliums, Crocosmia, and Rudbeckia into your design. For a more formal planting style, try combining alliums, yellow tulips, lavender, hebes, and box hedging. Consider using plants such as Achillea white, crocosmia, eryngium, and helenium to create a beautiful small border. Speak to your local garden designer in Devon!


Garden designer Devon • classic Italian

If you want to add a touch of classic Italian style to your Devon garden, mix allium flowers, lavender plants, box balls, and standard olive trees. Combine plants like crocosmia, aster, camellia, hosta, Acer, and miscanthus for vibrant autumn colours in your garden. And if you’re looking for a breathtaking ground cover in your Devon garden design, mix crocosmia, euphorbia, rhododendron, Festuca, and skimmia together.



Designing A Contemporary Garden: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you searching for a more modern and stylish garden design in Devon? Look no further! Modern contemporary garden designs are perfect for any property, whether it’s a traditional or modern one. These designs can give your outdoor space a fresh and vibrant appearance. Get ideas from your local garden designer in Devon.


Devon • modern buildings

Contemporary garden design works wonders for modern buildings and older houses, enhancing their original features and providing a rejuvenated look. To achieve a timeless design, consider using high-quality sandstone paving, along with vibrant plants, in your garden Devon. Why not get a plan from your local garden designer in Devon.


Devon • Hardwood decking

Hardwood decking looks great with recessed lighting in your garden design, Devon. Rendered walls are popular. For privacy, add a contemporary slatted fence. Combine with strong plantings like bamboo, crocosmia, and grasses. Add some colourful kniphofia, rudbeckia, and verbena. Sandstone paving always looks good in a modern garden design. Choose strong, muted colors. Add a bold paving design with well-designed lines. Maybe use edging sets for definition. Compliment with a strong planting scheme. Combine interesting shapes with vibrant colours. Don’t overcomplicate your garden design, Devon.


Devon • keep it simple

Avoid complicated curves as they can cost more and waste material. Instead, use strong shapes like large paving stones in a single-sized pattern. Add a contemporary stone border and complementary edging setts. Don’t use garish geometric patterns, as they will look outdated. Use planting borders to soften edges and create subtle curves in your garden design, Devon. For advice speak to a local garden designer in Devon.


Garden designer Devon • Focal points

, several features can be incorporated into your design in Devon when designing gardens. These include garden lighting, fire pits, slatted fences, decking, and rendered planters. Great for any garden design in Devon.


Garden designer Devon • Devon plants’

To hide unsightly elements in your garden, consider using climbers and hedges in your design, Devon. Enhance the visual appeal of your flower beds by incorporating intriguing shapes and vibrant hues. A profusion of colourful flowers will add a delightful touch. Dark-leaved shrubs can be used to make the colours pop even more. Great garden design, Devon.


Focal points & colour • design Devon

When designing a garden in Devon, you can choose different things to be the main focus. Some options include pleached trees, olives, acers, tree ferns, silver birch, magnolia, and beech columns. If you want to add colour, use red plants like crocosmia, kniphofia, Gaura, Camelia, rhododendron, helenium, and poppy. Great for your garden design, Devon.


Blues • silver • design Devon

For blue, you can use lavender, agapanthus, alliums, iris, Echinops, verbena, and eryngium. Try rudbeckia, iris, tulips, Achillea, and azalea to add yellow. Lastly, white plants like iris, hydrangea, tulip, and echinacea can make your garden look fancy. Talk to your local garden designer in Devon!


The silver planting combination is great for planting in your garden in Devon. This combination includes white astilbe, tulip, gaura, pachysandra, and silver birch.


Ground Cover

If you’re looking for easy ways to cover the ground in your garden, consider using plants like acer, viburnum davidii, heuchera, and shield ferns. These plants are great for adding greenery and texture to your outdoor space. Great for a low-maintenance garden design, Devon. A garden designer will be able to give you advice in Devon.





1# How much does professional garden design cost?

Hiring a garden designer in Devon can cost different amounts. It depends on things like how big your garden is, how complicated the design is, what materials are used, and if you want any extra features. We give a free visit to your place to help you begin, and we can also give free advice and tips!

2# Can I incorporate edible plants into my garden design?

Sure! Adding edible plants to your garden is a cool idea. It’s practical and makes your garden look nice. You can grow herbs or veggies. Maybe make a raised bed or herb garden in your garden design, Devon.


3# How do I maintain my newly designed garden?

To keep your garden looking nice, you must take care of it. This means watering the plants, trimming them, removing weeds, and using fertilizer. We’ll help you make a schedule for taking care of your garden design, Devon.

4# Can I incorporate sustainable practices into my garden design?

Sustainable practices are great for the environment and can save time and money. You can use low-water plants, set up efficient watering systems, compost organic waste, and use local materials in your garden. It’s good for you and the Earth!

5# How long does it take to complete a project in Devon?

The time it takes to design a garden can change based on different things like how complicated the design is, how big the space is, how easy it is to get to the area, what kind of hard landscaping is needed, and the weather.


6# What’s the hourly rate for a gardener?

The hourly rate for a gardener can vary depending on various factors such as location, experience, and the specific services required. In Devon, the average hourly rate for a gardener typically ranges from £15 to £25. However, it is important to note that this is just a general estimate, and rates can vary.


Some gardeners may charge a higher rate if they have specialized skills or need additional equipment. Getting multiple quotes from different gardeners in Devon is always recommended to ensure you get a fair price for your required services.

Some gardeners may offer package deals or discounted rates for regular maintenance services. Discussing your gardening needs and negotiating a rate that works for both parties is best.


7# Can I get my garden done for free?

Can you get your garden designed in Devon for free? Many people wonder about this, but it’s important to consider the realities. Garden design requires specialized skills, knowledge, and time. It involves planning, layout, plant selection, and hardscape features. These tasks require professional input and are likely to be offered for a fee by a garden designer in Devon.


Garden Clubs • Community Groups

However, there are ways to reduce costs or seek assistance. Local gardening clubs or community organizations may offer volunteer services or advice. Some garden centres or nurseries might provide free consultations or design help with plant or material purchases.


Government Community Programs • Garden Designer Devon

Government or community programs may also offer grants or subsidies for garden projects. While a completely free garden design may not be possible, with some creativity and research, you can find ways to minimize costs and receive some assistance in designing your garden in Devon.


Is it worth Hiring a Garden designer in Devon?

Hiring a garden designer in Devon can be a good idea for homeowners. Here’s why..


Expertise • Garden Designer Devon

Garden designers know a lot about plants and how to make gardens look nice. They can help you choose the right plants and design your garden in a way that works well.


Save Time and Effort • Garden Designer Devon

Designing a garden takes a long time and is hard work. Hiring a garden designer means they do all the hard work for you so you can relax and enjoy your new garden.


Creative Ideas • Garden Designer Devon

Garden designers have lots of cool ideas for making your garden unique and special. They can make your garden look modern, traditional, or whatever you want.


Increase Property Value • Garden Designer Devon

A well-designed garden can make your house worth more money. Hiring a garden designer is like investing in your home.


Avoid Mistakes • Garden Designer Devon

Designing a garden can be tricky, but a garden designer knows what they’re doing. They can help you avoid making expensive mistakes. So, hiring a garden designer is a smart choice if you want a beautiful garden without all the hassle.


How much does it cost to decorate a garden?

Designing and landscaping a small garden can cost around £3,000 to £6,000. For a medium garden, it’s between £6,000 and £10,000. Bigger or more complex gardens will cost more.

When budgeting for garden decoration, you should consider some common expenses:


Hardscaping • Garden Designer Devon

This includes things like pathways, patios, or walls. The cost depends on the materials, like stone, concrete, or wood.


Lighting • Garden Designer Devon

Installing outdoor lights can make your garden look better. The cost depends on the type and number of lights.


Decorative Elements • Garden Designer Devon

Things like sculptures or fountains can add a unique touch to your garden. The cost depends on their size and design. Professional Services:


Costs Vary • Garden Designer Devon

If you’re not good at gardening, you might want to hire a professional. The cost depends on the project and the landscaper’s experience. Remember that these are just general estimates. The actual cost can vary depending on your preferences and project requirements.

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