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Everyone wants the perfect lawn.  Here’s our guide to achieving a great lawn.  Exeter landscapes providing turfing services throughout topsham, exmouth and devon.  Here are our top tips for turfing in exeter and exmouth. 



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Your lawn see better days. Maybe you got a new build or your re-landscaping your entire garden.  Re-turfing is sometimes more cost-effective than ongoing lawn care.  It will give you that lush lawn you have always dreamed of.


turfing exeter exmouth

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Remove your existing lawn. With a turf cutter.  Grade and level your garden.  Using turfing rake. Removing any large rocks and stones.  Level the garden by raking and moving soil where necessary.  Add plenty of good quality topsoil, rake, and level.  min topsoil  4″inch ⋅ 100mm.  Roll the area using a bomag pedestrian roller.  Available from hire shops.

Once you are happy with your levels – add your turf.  For instant carpet of grass.  Remember to always water your new lawn.  Water well for at least a couple of weeks or until the lawn has becomes well established.  Try to keep off your new lawn a long as possible.  Avoid the kids playing football long as possible.  Give the lawn light and careful cut after a week or so.   Make sure the ground is not too wet and the turf has rooted.  Try lifting one of the turf’s corners.

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Shady gardens can be problematic.  Parts of your lawn may be overshadowed by high hedging such as Leylandii or buildings.  Too much shade can lead to thin lacklustre grass, which over time can become mossy.  Try introducing as much sunlight into your garden by pruning vegetation back.


Where this is not possible or the grass is still thin:

Rolawn Medallion turf ⋅ consider replacing the lawn with shade-tolerant grass

Artificial turf ⋅ a great way of eradicating the problem.  Your garden will look great all year round and your lawn will require minimal maintenance.  Check out our artificial grass page for design ideas.

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Over time lawns can become thin and patchy.  Minimal lawn care and extensive wear by pets and children are usually the cause of  the problem.  Depending on the extent  of the lawn damage we recommend:


Re-seed ⋅ repair

September is the ideal month.  Rake the lawn to remove any dead grass thatch and moss.  Add a top layer of a good quality lawn sand, such as Rowland Land Sand.  Overseed the area with a good quality lawn seed, such are Rowlawn Medallion Premium.  Water well until the grass becomes established.  Especially in dry hot weather.


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Some lawns can become waterlogged, especially in winter.  This may be due to:


Compacted soil

Preventing water from draining through the lawn’s top layer. Your best bet is to aerate affected area.  This can be back-breaking with a fork!  Consider Hiring a mechanical aerator from your local Hire Company.  Once aerated, why not brush in lawn sand to help maintain those drainage holes over time.


Not enough top soil under your turf ⋅ exeter ⋅ exmouth

When laying turf, its important to add a sufficient topsoil under your turf.  This helps maintain the health of your lawn and promotes good drainage.


Improving drainage ⋅ turfing exeter ⋅ exmouth

Rake out any thatch in your lawn.  You may want to aerate the soil if it feels compacted.  Try adding lawn sand on top of the grass and brush in well.  If this doesn’t work consider re-turfing the affected area.  When turfing, make sure you add a sufficient layer of good quality top soil (min: 4″inch | 100mm).


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turfing exeter exmouth

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Dig down in your garden and  at some point you will probably hit clay.  Some gardens are worse than others.  An excessive clay layer can cause poor drainage.  The water sits on the clay layer usually with nowhere to go, causing excessive waterlogging.


Add a  drainage channel

Digging channels laid with a suitable drainage pipe & shingle,  leading to a suitable soakaway.  This may help to alleviate some of the drainage problems.   Always seek expert advice. As this can be a messy and expensive project.


Replace with artificial grass

You may consider replacing your lawn with artificial grass.  Artificial grass is laid on a compacted layer of Type 1 MOT (crushed concrete) and granite chips.  Both have excellent drainage properties.  Waterlogging should no longer be a problem.



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