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Exeter Landscapes guide to successful planting. Learn how to design a garden theme.  View past design images. Select the right plants for your gardens growing conditions.  Exeter Landscapes.  Creating stunning planting combinations.




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Planting Exeter

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Getting started ⋅ landscaping topsham ⋅ exmouth

You decided to add some new planting to your garden. Maybe you have completely redesigned your garden.  You may be just updating or adding some new design features.  Always plan your beds before planting.  For larger projects is a good idea to have a garden design.  Check out the guide below for ideas and inspiration.



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Preparing Beds⋅ landscaping topsham ⋅ exmouth


The first task is preparing the beds for planting.   Remove any vegetation.  Existing plants you don’t want to keep and the weeds.  Try to remove as many roots as possible.  Cutting corners will only haunt you later on when the weeds appear with a vengeance.   You may want to move existing plants.  Becare full to leaves as much as the root ball intact as possible.  Water well during the first couple of weeks. For deciduous plants move from late October to mid-march. For evergreens, plants move during October or late March.




IDEAS Exeter Landscapes ⋅ box ⋅ alliums ⋅ landscaping ⋅ topsham ⋅ exeter ⋅ exmouth



Clay ⋅ organic matter ⋅ landscaping topsham ⋅ exmouth

Once you have cleared your garden.  Have a good look at your soil.  You may have clay soil.  Check out our clay soil guide.  Turn over the soil.  By hand for a smaller area.  Hire a rotavator for larger beds.  Add any organic matter to improve the soil.  Well, rotted manure or well root compost from your compost bin.


Ideas ⋅ inspiration garden design guidegarden clearance guide ⋅  clay soil guide.





Landscaping Landscaper Topsham

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Now for the fun part.  Selecting the right plants.   Make sure each plant fits in with the theme of your garden.  Popular themes include contemporary or traditional garden design exeter.  Check out our themes guides.


Theme GuidesContemporaryTraditionalTropicalZenWhite Garden.


Garden Design Exeter

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Once you have chosen your garden design theme.  Select your plants for your garden design.


Plant themes 1 contemporary traditional tropical zen white garden

Plants theme 2hot colours ⋅ bulbs.

Plant groupsshrubshedges climbers fernsevergreenlow maintenancewildlife plants.



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Each plant must match its growing conditions.  Remember these conditions will vary in different parts of your garden.  Select the right plants. Check out our guides.



dry sunnydry shadymoist shadywet soilswindy plantsclay soilsacid soil



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Planting combinations ⋅ landscaping topsham ⋅ exmouth

Now for the hard part.  Selecting the right plants for your garden design.  Combining the plants. Creating interesting shapes, textures and colour in your garden.  Creating a successful and effective planting scheme.

Make life easy.  Check out our planting combinations for successful garden design exeter.


Planting combinations ⋅ ideastraditional contemporary zen.


Landscaper Exeter




Landscaping Landscaper Topsham

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Planting⋅ landscaping topsham ⋅ exmouth

Planting ⋅ large numbers fill up a plastic bin or large container with water to dunk several plants.  Leave submerged for 5-10 minutes then plant.  prevents plants from drying out.

Hole sizedig slightly oversized holes, twice the width of each plant pot and slightly deeper than the pot.  Healthy roots will develop and plants will grow larger, faster.   Maximizing your plant’s impact.



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Add compost ⋅  to the bottom of each hole. Gives each plant a good start.

Blend soil with compost mix soil gained from planting holes, with compost.  Use mixture for planting.  Firm down soil-compost mix around each plant to prevent plants from sinking or falling over, after watering.

Planting barked areas clear area of bark or mulch.  Plant slightly higher than the existing ground level.  Add bark or mulch.  Prevents foliage rotting.



MORE IDEAS · Exeter Landscapes ⋅ allium ⋅ achillea ⋅ euphorbia ⋅ landscaping topsham ⋅ sidmouth ⋅ exeter ⋅ exmouth


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Exeter Landscapes ⋅ watering ⋅ landscaping topsham ⋅ sidmouth ⋅ exeter ⋅ exmouth


Every plant needs water. Water too little.  Plants dry to a crisp.  Water too much.  Plants become water-logged.  Roots and foliage rot.  Water at the wrong time of day and foliage can become scorched.



Early morning-evening ⋅ reduces water lost and wilting.

Water new lawns with sprinkler ⋅ water in each area for at least 20 minutes.  Remember, new lawns will dry out quickly.  Water twice a day.

Avoid waterloggingmake sure your soil is free draining.  Improve drainage by rotovating compacted soil.  Add organic matter to clay soils.   Add rotted manure or compost.  It’s an excellent soil conditioner.


Landscaping topsham ⋅ landscaping sidmouth

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Drought tolerant plants include stipa ‘feather grass’, hebe, lavender, eryngium, phormium, rosemary and choisya.


Add irrigation ⋅ entry-level, a cost-effective leaky hose connected to your outside tap.  Add a professional irrigation system.  Pop up lawn sprinklers. Drippers for individual plants.  Micro jets for groups of plants.

Profession systems are zonal, precisely controlling how much water each zone receives. Programmable timers enable hassle-free watering, irrigating your garden automatically.  Early morning or late evening, even when you are on holiday.


Mulch & bark beds ⋅ trap in moisture &  prevent weeds.  Reducing overall water loss.






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