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Everyone would like to re-design their garden from scratch.  We don’t all have an endless supply of cash.  You may already have some great features in your garden.  Maybe your garden’s just tired.  It needs some tlc.  Exeter Landscapes, making the most of your garden design Exeter.

Why not enhance your existing garden.  Add new design features.  It’s great to work with what you already have.



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Add an area of interest to your garden design exeter.  Add a focal point.  At the end of your existing garden design exeter.  A focal point leads the eye.  Its makes your garden design appear larger.



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Create  a seating area ⋅ landscaper exmouth ⋅ exeter

Why not add a seating at the end of your garden.  Create a great area, for entertaining.  In the late summer sun.  Add a natural stone paving. Creating a formal seating area.  Add planting and hedging.  Softening paving.  Enclosing the area.  Creating an intimate outdoor space for entertaining.


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Exeter Landscapes Add Plants  ⋅ alliums ⋅ hebe ⋅ box ball ⋅ landscaper exeter ⋅ landscaper exmouth



Natural paving ⋅ landscaper exeter ⋅ exmouth


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Choose sandstone natural stone paving. For a traditional garden design exeter. granite natural stone paving. Contemporary garden design exeter.  Extend the party into the night.  Add zoned outdoor lighting and a power supply.  Check out our outdoor garden lighting page for ideas &  inspiration.


Traditional paving ⋅ slate ⋅ black limestone exeter.

Contemporary paving ⋅ sandstone ⋅ porceline exmouth.


Materials ⋅ ideasdeckingpaving design

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Surround your natural stone paving with Photina hedging.  Plant beds with interesting planting combinations.  Combine bold shapes and texture with hot colours.  Creating stunning planting combinations.



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Traditonal box ⋅ alliums ⋅ lavender ⋅ gaura ⋅ hebes box ⋅ phormiums

Contemporary grasses ⋅ crocosmia ⋅ verbena ⋅ pennisetium grass ⋅ phormiums



Traditional  ⋅  ContemporaryZen.



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© Exeter Landscapes Tropical Plants⋅ rudbeckia ⋅ phormium ⋅ crocosmia ⋅ landscaper  exeter ⋅ landscaper exmouth


Over time.  Plants especially shrubs become tired and leggy.  These plants are past their best.  Adding nothing really to your beds look and feel.  They add very little your garden design exeter. Tired plants include: leggy hebes, faded choisya, woody lavender, faded red photina, brown scorched conifers and bare box balls.

Maybe you inherited plants from your previous owner.  You may never have really have liked many of them.  While its tempting to try to prune and to revive them.  Be brave,  remove and replace them.



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Think about the bed’s overall design when adding new plants.  It may be worth moving some of the ‘keepers’ .  This will achieve a better overall garden design. Think about which plants will work together well.  Achieve great planting combinations.  Again, checkout our landscape garden design pages for ideas and inspiration.  October is a great time for moving your shrubs.




© Exeter Landscapes Vertical Colour ⋅ achillea ⋅ euphorbia⋅ verbena  ⋅ landscaper exeter ⋅ landscaper  exmouth



Contemporary shrubs ⋅ smoke bush ⋅ phormium ⋅ photina ⋅ privot 1/2 standard.

Traditional shrubs ⋅  white hydrangea ⋅  pittosporum rudbeckia ⋅ euphorbia ⋅ verbena.

Garden design ⋅ ideasshrub guide



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© Exeter Landscapes Climbers ⋅ clematis ⋅ ceanothus ⋅ trachelospermum ⋅ exeter landscaper ⋅ landscaper exmouth



Add climbers ⋅ bamboo screens

Hide those  unsightly areas of your garden design. By adding clever screening. Including climbers, hedges and slatted fencing.  Train climbers on steel wire.  To soften or hide tired out buildings and tired fencing.  Great climbers: Clematis armandii fast growing, white flowers and hardy.

Mature bamboo plants will instantly instant mask tall garden structures.  Plant in pots to avoid the bamboo spreading overtime into unwanted areas in your garden.



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Clematis armandii ⋅ fast growing ⋅ white flowers ⋅ hardy.

Trachelospermum ⋅ white-flowered  scented jasmine ⋅ added bonus of being evergreen.

Ceanothus ⋅ very hardy ⋅ producing a bright blue sea of colour in spring.


Garden design ⋅ ideasclimbers



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Exeter Landscapes ⋅ slatted fence ⋅ rendered wall  ⋅ landscaper exeter ⋅ landscaper exmouth


Slatted fence ⋅ landscaper exmouth ⋅ landscaper exeter

Mask your tired fencing by adding a slatted fence.   Hardwood fences can be ‘oiled’ for a rich grain.  Meranti is the timber of choice.  Softwood fences offer good value for large areas.  Softwood slatted fences can be can be painted contemporary colours for added interest in your garden design.


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Add good quality shingle or small beach cobbles. Retain with natural stone setts.  Add stepping stone path for add interest.



Exeter Landscapes ⋅ stone setts ⋅ render wall ⋅ landscaper exeter ⋅ landscaper exmouth


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Exeter Landscapes ⋅ slatted fence climber ⋅ mini putting green⋅ timber archway ⋅ landscaper exeter ⋅ exmouth


Avoid fast growing hedges

Create a low maintenance garden.  Reduce your garden maintenance.  Avoid fast growing hedging.   Such as Laurel and Cupressus × leylandii. They may initially seem to offer good value for money.  However, once established they keep growing and growing. Costly to cut.  Generating  a lot of green waste.  That needs to be disposed of.




Beechgood alternative ⋅ purple beech is particularly striking

Box ⋅ great low-lying hedge ⋅ formal hedges

Berberis ⋅ thorny ⋅ good choice for security

Yew ⋅ striking ⋅ slow growing

Holly ⋅ traditional ⋅ slow growing.


Garden design⋅ ideashedging guide



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Reduce weeding ⋅ landscaper exeter ⋅ exmouth

Lets be honest.  No one enjoys weeding a garden. Consider reduce the width of your beds and boarders.  Maximised your gardens usable space.  Reduce weeding. Climbers are a great way of adding ‘green walls’ to your garden.  Masking unsightly features. Choice a slowing growing varieties.   Such as Trachelospermum jasminoides (white jasmine).  Semi evergreen with a great sent.

Add ornamental bark and a weed membrane your beds and boarders. This greatly reduce your weeding .  It will prevent your beds drying out.  During those long hot summer months!


Exeter Landscapes Hard Landscaping Ideas ⋅ natural stone setts ⋅ landscaper exeter ⋅ landscaper exmouth


Add an edging strip ⋅ landscaping exeter

Edging a lawn defines a lawn.  Reduces the time spent ‘hand’ edging your lawn.  Natural Stone edgers are great for formal gardens.   Particularly where straight lines are required.

Everedge is great for contemporary gardens.  Especially when curves are required.  See our Paving Page for more details.


Saving timber edging can be used as a low-cost alternative.


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