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You’ve decided to add a deck to your garden design exeter.  Hardwood decking is luxurious and warm underfoot.  Decking is extremely versatile.  Create a seating area or create pathways to link garden areas.  Add ambient lighting and party into the night.  Exeter Landscapes guide for stunning decking exeter.


Decking Exeter Exmouth

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Decking Exeter Exmouth

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Its time to choose your decking materials.  Decking has come a long way in recent years.  In terms of quality.  Products and available finishes and colours. For luxury choose hardwood.  Softwood,  great value for larger projects.  Composite decking, long-lasting and low maintenance product.


Softwood decking exeter

Softwood decking is a great value. With a quality natural finish.  It’s easy to install.  Great for a traditional garden design exeter.  Or contemporary garden design exeter.  We recommend q-deck softwood for decking exeter.


Q-deck products ⋅ decking exmouth

Q-Deck can be used in the construction of our softwood decks.  It’s a premier decking product.  Manufactured from slow-growing quality timber.  For peace of mind.  Each board is pre-treated with the latest generation of wood preservative.  Including a built-in water-repellent.  Preventing decay and insect attack.  It’s extremely durable and long-lasting.  Q-deck currently comes with a 15-year warranty against decay.


Hardwood decking exeter 

Rich in colour.  Hard-wearing and long-lasting.  Hardwood decking oozes luxury.  Available in a variety of timbers and finishes.  Balau hardwood decking is our timber of choice for decking Exeter. Slightly harder to install than softwood decking.  And requires slightly more maintenance over time.



Decking exeter ⋅ decking exmouth

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Composite decking exeter

Composite decking has come a long way in recent years.  It doesn’t look or feel like plastic anymore.  Available in a variety of finishes and colours.  Its colour won’t fade over time.  It won’t split or rot.  Looking great, year after year.  It’s a low maintenance product.  Easily cleaned.  And doesn’t need yearly oiling!  Composite decking is environmentally friendly.  Composite decking is manufactured from recycled waste wood residue.  Combined with recycled plastic.  Such as shampoo bottles.


Millboard decking exeter

Maybe consider installing Millboard decking Exmouth. Millboard is a premier product. Available in a variety of natural styles and finishes. Millboard composite decking gives you the real look and feel of natural timber. Removing the need for time-consuming maintenance.  Millboard has great anti-slip properties.  Due to its composition, won’t rot or warp over time.  Millboard decking is fixed to a durable base from underneath. Removing the need for unsightly screws.



Millboard composite decking realistic decking ⋅ variety of finishes ⋅ colours ⋅ exmouth

Smartboard Composite decking ⋅ q-deck ⋅ realistic decking ⋅ exeter

Twinson composite decking q-deck ⋅ variety of colours ⋅ exmouth







Decking exeter ⋅ decking exmouth

Coloured softwood decking exeter ⋅ faux oak decking ⋅ softwood decking 



Smooth decking boards contemporary ‘boardwalk’  feel

Grooved decking boards anti-slip properties

Enhanced grip decking grooves with anti-slip strips

Softwood decking natural  pre-treated shades

Composite decking ⋅ traditional ⋅ faux timber ⋅ coloured



Decking-Exeter- Decking-Exmouth

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Decking-Exeter- Decking-Exmouth

© Exeter Landscapes ⋅ timber balustrade decking ⋅ wire balustrade ⋅ glass balustrade decking


Add definition and safety to your decking Exmouth. Add a contemporary balustrade.  Create an enclosed space for outdoor entertaining.  Giving your deck that contemporary look & feel.  For  ‘low-level’ decks, up to 600mm from the ground.  Balustrade height ⋅ 900mm.  For ‘high’ for low-level decks, over  600mm.  Balustrade height ⋅ 1100mm.



Glass balustrade ⋅ contemporary garden design exeter.

Stainless steel wire ⋅ contemporary garden design exeter.

Slatted timber fencing ⋅ hardwood ⋅ softwood ⋅ decking exmouth.

Solid timber balustrade ⋅ traditional garden design exeter.






Decking exeter ⋅ decking exmouth

© Exeter Landscapes ⋅ rendered wall decking ⋅ sleeper wall ⋅ hardwood decking ⋅ garden design


Enclose your decking area with a wall. Create an intimate ‘outdoor’ space for entertaining.  Add materials to complement the style of your garden and feel.



Painted rendered block walls  contemporary garden design exeter

Sleeper retaining walls  traditional garden design exeter

Natural hedging  copper beech hedging ⋅ yew hedging



Hedges retaining walls





Decking-Exeter- Decking-Exmouth

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Entertain well into the night by adding garden lighting. Add total control.  Install a wise box.  Garden lighting is broken down into discrete zones.  Each zone controlled remotely by a handy keypad.



Recessed led lights ⋅ decking exmouth

Coloured led strips ⋅ decking exeter

Led up lighters ⋅ decking exmouth



Decking exeter ⋅ decking exmouth

 © Exeter Landscapes ⋅ circular decking exmouth ⋅ softwood decking ⋅ hardwood decking sidmouth 






Decking Exmouth Exeter

© Exeter Landscapes ⋅ steps ⋅ softwood decking exmouth ⋅ hardwood decking 


For safety.  Steps should be as comfortable as possible.  Treads should be as wide as possible.  Never less than 280mm.  Ideally between 300mm – 450mm.  To avoid a trip hazard.  Risers should be around  75mm.  Consider adding a handrail for safety.  For long flights of stairs.  Add a landing between a series of steps.






Always check local planning regulations.  Remember to keep your deck in proportion to your garden.  A deck can’t cover more than 50% of your garden.








Decking Exeter Exouth

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You’ve selected a suitable site. Created a design. Chosen your decking materials.  You have levelled the area. It’s now time to construct your Decking Exeter.  Exeter Landscapes garden design Exeter.  Ideas for creating great decking Exeter.



Add a weed barrier under your Decking Exeter. It won’t rot over time.  It allows drainage. And more importantly.  It will minimize weed growth.



The finished deck height should not compromise the damp proof course (DPC).  Leave a 10mm drainage gap between the decking and any wall.  When attaching a ledger board to the wall. Create a 10mm gap. Using a 10mm thick spacer/packer. Encouraging ventilation.  Enabling the wall and ledger board to dry.

Decking Exmouth Exeter

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Keep patterns simple and classic.  Decking boards can be laid in any direction. Dependant on the design and feel you wish to achieve. As a rule where possible.  It’s good practice to place boards at right angles to pedestrian traffic. To reduce the slip hazard. For alternative designs. You can add anti-finishes to your decking boards.



Always add the correct spacing.  Between decking boards.  Decking is a natural product.  It will absorb water.  Especially in wet weather.  And will expand.  Decking will lose water. In hot weather. And will contract. Adding the correct spacing between each decking board. Allows for the expansion and contraction of timber.  Throughout the year.



Recommended spacing assumes your decking boards are completely dry.  Before installing.

Softwood Decking Exmouth ⋅ decking fascia’s ⋅ 6mm min

Hardwood Decking Sidmouth ⋅ decking fascia’s ⋅ 8mm min

Composite Decking Topsham ⋅ Decking Fascia’s ⋅ 6mm Min







Decking exeter ⋅ decking exmouth

© Exeter Landscapes ⋅ softwood decking exmouth ⋅ echinops ⋅ rendered walls  ⋅ garden design


Always use quality decking screws.  For hardwood and softwood decking Exmouth. We recommend coated screws.  Reducing corrosion and iron staining.  Stainless steel screws can also be used for hardwood decking Exmouth.  For regular decking boards. Use a 4.5 x 50mm screw size. For thicker boards.  Select a screw around 2 1/2 times the thickness of the deck board.  Always use two decking screws per board. Attach each screw – 15-20% of its width in from each edge of the board. To prevent hardwood boards splitting. Pre-drill a pilot hole for each screw. Always corrosion-resistant screws for constructing the carcass.  Timber lock screws are great for adding extra strength to your decking Exeter.


Straightening boards ⋅ hardwood decking exmouth

Whilst constructing your hardwood deck.  You might find. Several of your hardwood decking boards are not perfectly straight.  Especially compared with softwood decking products.  You will need to straighten them.  Create several hardwood wedges from offcuts.  Get to some help.  Using your wedges.  Apply a little pressure to bring the boards back in line. And screw in place!







Landscaper Exeter Exmouth

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When treating your deck. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. To the detail.  If doubt contacts the manufacturer.  When working with new products.  Always test on a small area first.  Before treating the entire deck.


General cleaning ⋅ decking exmouth

Remove any build-up of dirt, soil, or leaf litter.  This will increase your deck’s drainage.  Preventing mold and algae formation.  And reducing your timber’s over-all fungal infection.  Periodically sweep and hose down your Decking Exeter.  Jet wash thoroughly and the end of the season.  Mould and algae build-up is a slip hazard. Remove black speckled mold early on. With a kitchen scourer and proprietary deck cleaner.


Food drink stains ⋅ decking sidmouth

To remove food stains.  Such as ketchup, wine, soup, fruit juice and cola, coffee.  Clean the deck with a pressure washer.   Combined, if necessary, with a mild cleaning product.  For stubborn stains.  Scrub well with diluted bleach.  And rinse well.  Apply Net-trol.  To replenish the faded colour.







Decking exeter exmouth

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Rejuvenate your tired decking Exeter.  Apply Net-trol by Owatrol.  Wood cleaner and colour restorer.


Removing ⋅ old decking oil ⋅ re-oiling ⋅ exeter

To remove old decking oil.  Apply aquanett by owatrol.  Add net-trol.  To neutralise the treated areas.  Apply your new decking oil.  Such as textrol .  If your decking is extremely dirty and stained.  Use prep deck stripper/cleaner by owatrol.  In place of aquanette.


Cleaning ⋅ hardwood deckingexmouth

Leave hardwood decking to weather and season.  for at least 6-8 weeks. clean thoroughly with net-trol by owatrol.  wood cleaner and colour restorer.  oil deck with deks olje d1 by owatrol.  repeat this process after 12 months.  oiling your decking with textrol by owatrol.  in place of olje d1.







Seasonite by owatrol ⋅ decking exeter

Apply after laying your decking Exeter.  Protects decks from excessive moisture during its first year.  Slows down the ‘greying’ of timber.  Due to UV light.  Prepares deck for recoating with textrol.


Ronseal® end grain preserver ⋅ decking exmouth

Great wood preserver.  Apply to any crosscut Timber.  Timber cut along the grain. Use two coats.


Aquadecks by owatrol ⋅ decking exeter

Water-based product.  Permanent waterproofing product.  Use on new and weather decking Exeter.


Textrol by owatrol ⋅ decking exmouth


Pigmented decking oil.   Seven shades are available.  Use on weathered woods only.  Leave new decks for 12 months.  Before applying.  Creates a full protective coating.  Great finish.


Net trol by owatrol ⋅ decking exeter

Removes black stains from decking Exeter.  Caused by iron and water.  Will rejuvenate a ‘greyed’ deck.



Stoptan by owatrol ⋅ decking exeter

Reduces tannin bleed on new decking.  Tannins will stain paving and timber areas around your decking Exeter.





Tropical planting


Garden-designer exeter gardener exeter

© Exeter Landscapes ⋅ hardwood decking ⋅ crocosmia ⋅ phormium ⋅ decking exeter ⋅ exmouth


Add the wow factor to your decking project.  Combine lush foliage with vivid vibrant colours.  Combine smooth hardwood decking with a hardwood slatted fence.  Soften with tropical planting.


Plants structure  tree ferns ⋅ shields ferns ⋅ bamboo ⋅ fatsia japonica ⋅ phormiums

Plants for colour crocosmia ⋅ irises ⋅ kniphofia ⋅ canna Lillies



Planting Screens


Garden designer exeter gardener exeter

© Exeter Landscapes ⋅ white jasmine climber ⋅ photinia ⋅ bamboo screening ⋅ decking ⋅ exmouth


Complement your natural timber decking.  Add a planting screen.   Enclose your decking.   Add purple beech hedging.  Creating an ‘outdoor room’ for entertaining.   Mask unsightly garden features.   Add a bamboo screen.  Train a climber.


Screening plantsphotinia hedge ⋅ purple beech hedging ⋅ black bamboo ⋅ trachelospermum climber ⋅ multi-stemmed silver birch.




Planting guide choosing plantshow to plantaftercare

Planting ideascontemporary traditional tropical zen white Gardenbulbs hot Coloursevergreen low maintenance.





Timber decking manual ⋅ Patrick Hislop.

The complete guide to decks ⋅ black & decker.

Ortho’s guide to decks & patios ⋅ eric clough.

Building and designing decks ⋅ Scott schuttner.

Pure deck-adence ⋅ tina skinner.




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